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As an entrepreneur, you’ve always been different. You’re a leader guided by a strong intuition, with an unshakable desire to create something bigger than yourself. And you’ve been working tirelessly, bit by bit, to build it.


You’re what I like to call a Queen Bee. And if your business is your hive? Well, you’re the one in charge of building, sustaining, and scaling that buzzing headquarters into something golden.

But, as we all know, it’s not that easy.

Have you been stung in the past?

Even though you put in the effort and have the experience, something isn’t quite working. You’re not seeing the returns you expected, or the customer growth you’d hoped for. And you can’t quite figure out why.

Here’s what we sometimes forget: our personal and business personas both come from the same place. The same mind, body, and heart that steer our business decisions also guide our personal journeys. It’s all connected.

That means your personal traumas and wounds can hold you back. Your past experiences can quickly kill your buzz. Your subconscious fears can prevent you from advancing at full speed.

Basically, your internal hive is a complex place! It can be difficult to navigate. But it’s also incredibly strong, and full of untapped energy.

The Hive Holistic is here to show you how to harvest that power. By better understanding yourself and your past, holistic coaching can help you overcome your roadblocks. You can finally unleash your inner army of worker bees.

How We Can Help

Your Energy

Achieve Balance Self-Guided Mediation

A self-guided meditation practice. A few minutes in the morning and a night to feel, act and behave differently.

Dual Energy

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

We consider the mind, body, emotions and spirit in this style of coaching. The results are deeper, more lasting changes and aiming and reaching higher.

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Group Energy


Powerful You

Harnessing your power in a group setting. Group energy amplifies and energizes like no other.

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Let's Unveil Your Inner Power

Lisa Taylor is the Founder of The Hive Holistic a business and personal coaching team to unveil the queen bee within.

As an entrepreneur herself, she has been through these challenges of mastering the business-owner lifestyle firsthand. Over years of self-discovery, she’s learned how to confront internal traumas, work to address them, and start to heal. 

As a holistic personal business coach, Lisa will show you how to identify and overcome your own blocks, and move forward with a whole new perspective. And with her expertise in business, she’ll help you create strategic and tactical plans to achieve your goals — and measure your success.

Our Clients Share Their Experience

As you move forward, remember: even Queen Bees need guidance and support. After all, you have an entire hive around you, buzzing with constant activity. But don’t let it all overwhelm you. Let it empower you.

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