I’ve been working with a great team, Bruce and Susan Edwards who co-founded, Edwards Mediation Academy, EMA.

EMA represents the confluence of two recent societal shifts: the application of mediation as an alternative approach to dispute resolution within our legal system, and the advent of online learning opportunities in support, and in place, of traditional classroom education.

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EMA teaches alternative dispute resolution skills to a global audience. Students learn from a variety of methods reflecting the best in online learning. Courses are presented in clearly defined modules, and incorporate unique role-play and commentary from a number of the world?s leading commercial mediators. Each course will include an online forum for discussions with other students and EMA experts.

With the leading commercial mediators and other experts in related fields as your guides, students learn from the best and see what it takes to become an advanced mediator.

“Lisa is an integral part of our team ? great energy, fantastic ideas and fun to work with. ?And the results are impressive! ?”
-Susan Edwards


Our work together includes:

-Go To Market Strategy: how to reach target audience, effective use of budget to reach the target and deadline-driven marketing plan to move forward.

-Ad campaign: programmatic ad buy on Google Network and native display networks.

-Social Media: utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find new leads and generate website traffic.

As of October, 2017 we have increased website traffic by 212%!

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