GoSesh is an online platform that believes in using fitness opportunities to explore the world, to escape the mundane, to connect with the community and environment around us.

GoSesh had just founded the business when they hired The Hive Marketing for advice with marketing and growth. They needed help with targeting corporate trainers and potential end users of their platform.

Customer and Partner Relationship Development strategy: A two pronged strategy was required where no sales calls were to be made by Gosesh. It included:

  1. Increase in client check-ins and growth in product awareness.
  2. Relationship development with potential trainers.

Social Media: We decided to leverage the power of social media to develop brand awareness. Brand Development Campaigns and Instagram Campaigns were required to generate customer engagement.

While a corporate website is a must these days, making it user friendly and easily found on search engines can be quite a task! So website and search engine optimization (SEO) related changes were suggested by The Hive Marketing.

With ‘Traffic goals’ and ‘Lead goals’ on the agenda, we got really serious! We conducted user testing to measure success of user ability to perform desired actions on the site.



In just two months, we had 33 top 10 keywords: a 330% increase!

Social Ad Campaigns

After 5 months of running ad campaigns, a notable increase in clicks and impressions was obtained with only a very reasonable amount spent. Results included an average 0.92% ‘Click Through Rate’ (CTR) for the client, (average for for any FB ad was 0.90%, while the average for fitness industry was 1.01%). Results were looking great.

Here are some of the best performing campaigns:

(1) Jessy Dance Fit

(2) Sexy Yoga Sesh

(3)  Stand Up Paddleboarding

View the full set of results of our work with GoSesh on the Case studies page.

Working with Lisa and her team at The Hive was a fantastic experience. The results generated by the social campaigns were highly successful exposing our brand to new audiences as well as garnering bookings for our classes. We found the user testing incredibly insightful, and discovered that small changes in wording and colors, would result in higher booking rates – we would not have been able to learn this without Lisa’s feedback and resources. The success we found with The Hive, not only benefited the growth of our brand, but helped to expand our knowledge of our target market so we could improve other avenues of our business outside of our digital marketing strategies. Would recommend these services to any business!” – Sara Gaines