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So excited to share some amazing work that launched recently. One such client team is the dynamic real estate empire known as Montgomery + Lee.

When you start searching for a home or property, it can be a scary process—especially if you don?t have anyone in your corner to help. That?s where my client, Montgomery + Lee, comes in. Their ability to provide the best local expertise, client advocacy and valued industry relationships set them high on a pedestal in the real estate world. Their professionalism and dedication to their clients really is something to experience. Let?s take a look at what sets them apart.


The BEST Professionals

The company is headed by Todd Montgomery and Marcus Lee, known as some of the top real estate agents in the country. In fact, they’re in the top 1 percent of selling agents in San Francisco. They?ve built a business team that can cover every facet of the real estate world. From a transaction associate to help you find the perfect deal, to a buyer?s agent to seal the deal, to the best sales associates to get you the perfect deal for your property, the staff is professional and experienced. In fact, they?re all experts in their field. Together all of these superior professionals form a powerhouse team that?s hard to beat.

They?re Not Just Agents, They’re Advisors 

One common thread throughout this company is to put the client first. Time and time again, we?ll hear back from satisfied customers because they were given a genuine experience. The entire team takes the time to really know and understand the market so that they can help the client in the best way possible. They always have their clients? best interest in mind and that level of expertise really does shine through. The key, they say, is building lasting relationships with the people they serve.


The Finest Properties

The real estate market in San Francisco can be a fickle creature. That?s why at Montgomery + Lee, we seek out the best properties and deals available that give the clients? quality at the right price. The quickest way to lose in the real estate market is by not doing your research or providing your client the best experience possible. By ensuring you have the best properties available, you already ensure that your client is getting the best.

They Can Handle It All

From homes to repurposed spaces to big developments, the Montgomery + Lee team knows how to help you find whatever it is that your property dreams require. They are well-versed and knowledgeable in all areas of the real estate world.

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They?re Taking Real Estate Further

Like any great business, they know the benefit that great marketing can have on their business. (Check out some myths about marketing here!) They?re making steps to reach out to their clients through every channel available. From new website development to content development to social media campaigns, they know that it?s important to reach their audience and I am so thankful to be a part of sharing their message and brand. It?s a brand that I truly believe in supporting.

Together, we relaunched their website to speak to their target market. This site’s was designed by the fabulous team at Entropic Studio.

Their social channels were activated by utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Zillow to highlight their superior reviews, listings and sold properties.


We then launched the site, and have since rebranded the print collateral to match!
Further, with a strategic social media plan, they were able to drive engagement sky high!

The chart below shows newvisitors by source. The big spike in pink on the right is social media!


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