A logo is a graphic symbol or typography that represents a person, company or organization. Usually the name of the business or organization is connected to the logo. This important feature of your business is important to get right.?As a marketing strategist, I work with Kristie and other talented graphic designers to ensure our clients’ businesses are represented in the best way possible.

A logo designed by Kristie Hansen-Kemp

What is a logo?
The logo is the face of the business or organization. It is the foundation for the brand, the website, and all of the marketing collateral. It reflects the personality of the business and sets the tone for the brand color, style, and font use. A great logo represents the company clearly and effectively and it appeals to their target audience.

I asked Kristie Hansen-Kemp of Hansen Kemp Design her perspective on logos. Her masterful logos and print work are featured below.

Print collateral and logo designed by Kristie.

What are some questions to ask or qualify a potential graphic designer to complete your logo rebranding?

? The most important qualifier is to ask to see the designers portfolio. Do you like the designers logo samples? Do you like the designers style? Does their style mesh with your idea of how you?d like to represent your business?
? Have a phone conversation or meet in person to see if you are a good personality fit. It is valuable to establish a relationship with a designer who you can trust and work comfortably with over time.
? Have they created logos for companies/organizations similar to yours?
? Who does the actual design work?
? What is your process? Turnaround time?
? What do I need to provide to you?
? What?s included with my logo design? (how many choices, revisions, what logo formats do I receive in the end)
? Will this be a ?vector? logo design? (vector design can be reduced or enlarged to any size)
? What if I don?t like the logo you design?
? Ask for references.

Food packaging and logo designed by Kristie Hansen-Kemp

When are some times to rebrand your logo?

? The most important time to rebrand your logo is when your current logo doesn?t reflect your business any longer.
? Your marketing is stagnate: Rebranding the logo is an opportunity to breath new life into a business. I?ve seen companies increase their business 30+% by rebranding their logo. It can even lift company moral and effect the employees in a positive way.
? The logo?s style is outdated.
? Your target audience has changed and the logo needs to be updated to attract your new audience.
? Your company is moving location and you will need to update your signage and collateral and marketing materials.
? You have new products, a change of leadership, or are thinking of a name change.

Print collateral designed by Kristie Hansen-Kemp

What are the basic elements every logo should have?
1- Every logo needs to reflect the businesses or organizations unique message.
2- A logo should be memorable to and appeal to the businesses or organizations target audience.
3- It should be fresh, creative and unique, with a distinctive color palette.
4- It should be simple and memorable.
5- It should be versatile and work across all platforms ? website, print, branded collateral.

As a marketing strategist, I work with Kristie and other talented graphic designers to ensure our clients’ businesses are represented in the best way possible.

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