Entrepreneurs and their businesses will suffer when their own well-being is compromised. First hand experience has shown us how when we are in our best state, our business and every other area of life will thrive.

Many Ways to Heal

We all have a spiritual immune system that expresses the vitality of our soul. This affects our work, our community and the rest of our lives. Have you experienced putting in all of the effort and something isn’t quite working? You’re not seeing the returns you expected, or the customer growth you’d hoped for. And you can’t quite figure out why. Here’s what we sometimes forget: our personal and business personas both come from the same place. The same mind, body, and heart that steer our marketing decisions also guide our personal journeys. It’s all connected. That means your personal traumas and wounds can hold you back. Your past experiences can quickly kill your buzz. Your subconscious fears can prevent you from advancing at full speed. Basically, your internal hive is a complex place! It can be difficult to navigate. But it’s also incredibly strong, and full of untapped energy. The Hive is here to show you how to harvest that power. By better understanding yourself and your past, you can overcome your roadblocks. You can finally unleash your inner army of worker bees. We have had great experiences with shamanic healing. Shamanism is a permission-based practice of powering up your spirit and removing the items that are no longer necessary. Shamanism is a method to heal and provide help and information. As old as humanity itself, it is the foremost tool to provide healing. Don’t get it twisted - shamanism is not a religion. In fact, it co-exists with religions in many cultures.

Shamanic Healing

How does shamanic healing work? By using a drum beat to shift consciousness or achieve a trance state, or theta wave state, the practitioner journeys to enter non-ordinary reality (spirit world) to meet with helping spirits to gather information and bring it back to help. Interestingly, 90% of shamanic cultures use drumming to alter their consciousness versus plant medicine. In ancient times, the survival of the tribe depended on it. Please read this article to understand better if shamanic healing is right for you: We Are not alone.

Bringing in shamanic healing has countless benefits.

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