Healing helps us move from coping to thriving.

Spiritual Health


We all have a spiritual immune system that expresses the vitality of our soul. This affects our work, our community and the rest of our lives. Have you experienced putting in all of the effort and something isn’t quite working? You’re not seeing the returns you expected, or the team of your dreams. And you can’t quite figure out why. Here’s what we sometimes forget: our personal and business personas both come from the same place. The same mind, body, and heart that steer our marketing decisions also guide our personal journeys. It’s all connected. That means your personal traumas and wounds can hold you back. Your past experiences can quickly kill your buzz. Your subconscious fears can prevent you from advancing at full speed. Lisa is a trained shamanic practitioner and infuses intuitive guidance in your healing session.Shamanism is a permission-based practice of powering up your soul and removing the items that are no longer necessary.Shamanic healing takes pace on the energetic or spiritual plane with the intention of providing healing and messages to bring healing to use in the 3d plane.As old as humanity itself, it is the foremost tool to provide healing.

Shamanic Healing

How does shamanic healing work? By using a drum beat to shift consciousness or achieve a trance state, or theta wave state, the healer journeys to enter non-ordinary reality (spirit world) to meet with helping spirits to gather information and bring it back to help.Interestingly, 90% of shamanic cultures use drumming to alter their consciousness versus plant medicine. In ancient times, the survival of the tribe depended on it. Please read this article to understand better if shamanic healing is right for you: We Are not alone.

What's Involved in a Healing Session?

Sessions last 90 minutes and can be held remotely or in-person, prepare to relax and receive!Expect to hear drumming, rattles and perhaps singing.Each session is personal to you, the client. You may have emotional reactions, crying, laughing or other emotions are completely fine. You may feel physical sensations – burning, a feeling of removal, etc. Or you may feel nothing at all- again, this is a completely personal experience.Also, during the session, you should attempt to be in receptive mode- items will be removed and your power will be added to you. The best thing you can do is to receive this powerful energy.At the end of the session, Lisa will channel your guides and you are welcome to ask a few questions or receive messages. How should I expect to feel after a session?There are many factors here. After a full session, you should expect to feel as though you’ve had “spiritual surgery” meaning be easy with yourself and rest. Allow emotions to come through and release them. Allow yourself to feel everything. More FAQ on a healing session

I'm excited to be a part of your healing journey.