Really effective! Even with a small budget?


With a client, we recently experienced the following:

      • For $1,500, we reached over 40,000 people and 14,000 people took action. 41,990 people were reached overall.
    • Cost per action is $0.10, average for this industry is around $5!



While Facebook is still leading the pack in terms of users, more and more users are turning to video platforms for search, news, etc. Notice how many users on YouTube now (the only social platform growing at this rapid rate) – 1.5 billion this means that of our current worldwide population (7.6 billion), one out of every five people in the entire world are logging into YouTube each and every month.

Monthly Users-1
Additionally,?Facebook page videos generate?16% more engagement?per post than images.

Things that used to work extremely well (posting an image on social media daily) are declining in performance. High-ranking sites that you have no shot at outranking are dominating your long-tail keywords.

How to Begin With Video Marketing

When your audience resonates with your content, Facebook will promote it more- organically!

Basically, we got more bang for our buck with this video because our audience liked it, not because we paid for it.??Especially when coupled with using videos in your ads.

This is how you do it:

1. Set up Audiences

The more targeted the audience, the better. The above examples used highly targeted audiences. We zoned in on geographic regions nearby stores that carry the product.? You can do the same with a customer list, make an audience by the following criteria

  • Facebook page – list of people that interacted with your page.
  • Instagram business profile-list of people that interacted with your Instagram business page.
  • Website traffic – people who visited your website or took specific actions.
  • App activity – people who launched your app, game or took specific actions.
  • Offline Actions – list of people that interacted with your business by phone, in person, etc.
  • Events – people that attended, RSVP or showed interest in your Facebook event.
  • And then there’s Look Alike Audiences.?Find new people on Facebook who are similar to your existing audiences.?Learn more.

2. The Video

Choose a compelling video or have one made. I’ve seen success with in-house made videos as well as professionally shot video.?

Think about the Sales Funnel – you may need more than 1 video.
  • TOFU, or the top of the funnel, is where users aren?t brand aware. They don?t know you.
Length: with that in mind, you want your video to be short and sweet with a takeaway that they can implement ASAP. This will create the most value for them without wasting their time or causing them to wonder why they clicked on your content.?30 second welcome video.
  • MOFU, the middle of the funnel, you want to focus on creating content that?s 2 – 5 minutes long to offer more value and detailed options for solving a problem.

These users are brand aware, so they want a bit more content from you than a first-time user.?How can I solve your problem?

  • BOFU, bottom of the funnel, wants long-form content.

In-depth product demo, in depth about brand and philosophy – can be up to

Length for Facebook, specifically: have one version that is 0:15 seconds as well as other cuts.

PRO TIP: Facebook allows only videos less than 0:15 seconds on some mobile-specific promotional channels. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a 0:15 second edit of your video…

3. Native is better than non-native.

Hosting the video on the platform – Facebook, Instagram or on YouTube is the ideal rather than placing a link to another place where the video is located. These platforms want users to stay on their platforms- rather than go to an external website.

FACT: The native video on Facebook was viewed almost 160x more than the non-native link. Source: Hubspot.

4. Share

Implement this as a part of your holistic strategy – tie in your email campaigns.
Share this video with partners to promote and play it.

5. Optimize

Make sure to check in on a weekly basis. I use the Facebook ads app on my phone to receive updates and make quick changes that require small efforts.

Do you need help with your Facebook video ads campaign? Let’s talk!