Editor’s Note: this post originally appeard on nov. 17, 2015. It has since been updated.

Many clients, friends and small business owners have asked me- ?how often should I post to social media for my business??

This is a great question. You may already be aware of how social media has been a part of countless companies? strategies to engage with their customers.

I?ve written about how social media is a great source of leads?especially with the growing amount of?users on?these platforms (information last updates February 2015):??

Twitter has 284 million monthly active users. Instagram has 300 million active users. (For comparison, the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia, has a population of merely 255 million.)

And Facebook has 1.591 BILLION monthly active users. Which puts this platform?s user base greater in size to the most populous country in the world, China which has 1.37 billion people!

Let’s not forget LinkedIn, with more than 400 million users, Instagram has 400 million users,?Pinterest with?100 million users.?What?s more, according to PewResearch, 74% of online adults (ages 18+) use social networks regularly.

So that means your business could really take advantage of the customers that are online. SO how to answer the question how often should you post on social media?

The answer is not a simple one. Here are the factors to take into consideration:

#1: Quality! This cannot be stated enough. Time and again, it?s the quality, well-thought out and engaging posts that provide the most interactions. One should never post just to post. Remove from your mind that fear of having a gap between posts. The chart below shows interactions in orange versus posts per week in blue by industry. As you can see there is no real positive nor negative correlation in any industry.


#2 Industry – ?It?s important to consider what your competitors are doing. What?s popular in Finance will surely not be the same as retail. What happens in non-profit and education will not be the same for software. This chart shows posts per week by industry. Use this as a starting point to understand what it takes to be competitive in your industry.


#3 How many followers your business has will dictate your interactions. Logically, if you have more people following your business on social media,?there will be more interactions.??This chart below is another benchmark for your interactions versus followers. There is a positive correlation here- when you have more followers, you’ll gain more interactions. This is why its important to have more followers to your social accounts. ‘What’s the payoff of having more followers and more interactions?’ – this is a common question. Each business is different, but social media can provide many things:

-Loyalty: more sales in your retail store
-Specialty: making customers feel special with special offers
-Retention: keep them coming back to your business
-Customer services: ability to respond quickly and with a personal touch


While this is not a exact science, there are ways to find the best timing for posting to social media for your business.

  1. Experiment – try things that make sense for your business.
  2. Documentation and Analysis – write down your experiments, including date, time, posting and learnings.
  3. Repeat?what works – maybe you?ve already found a formula that works- if so, document it and keep it up! Until then, keep on trucking!I leave you with one final chart. For small business, 1-10 employees, Facebook remains the most important social network, providing 65% of participations when used strategically.

    Images work well with posts, followed by Tweets. Again, posting quality content is required, even if that means posting less per week


All charts come from Hubspot, you can download the entire 2015 State of Social Media below.

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