SocialMediaNews.jpgIn our technological society, we check our phones on a daily basis. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are leaders in the online marketing world. But they?re also quickly becoming the only way some viewers get their daily news. The other day when I bounced in the house excited to tell my friend about the next big thing I had seen on CNN, he replied, ?Oh yeah, yeah. I saw that on Reddit two days ago.? What? How could I be two days behind on what felt like breaking news to me?

According to the Pew Research Center of Journalism and Media (PRC), 64 percent of U.S. adults use Facebook and half of them get their news from there. YouTube is not only for cat videos anymore, with 10 percent of the general population getting their news from the video site. The PRC says Twitter comes in at 8 percent. The most interesting statistic from the PRC says that 62 percent of Reddit users get their news from there. Though only 3 percent of the general population, it?s a huge percentage of their audience base and it?s growing. If you’re puzzled about which outlet to use for your video marketing, find out?which platform fared best.

And most of the news stories are coming from the audience themselves. Citizen journalism is an important part of our society. If not, we may have never had the courage to fight for Independence in 1776. (Yes, you can ultimately thank an independent newspaper for that!) Today, important news stories like the Miracle on the Hudson?and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri?were covered first by independent citizens. The problem with this style of posting comes when information is spread irresponsibly to the public without checking facts or obtaining enough sources for the information. This has caused many stories to break and then be recounted because they just weren?t true. The PRC says for breaking news, people tend to reach out to the more reputable news systems. Still, people feel very comfortable sharing information on social media sites and discussing information among their peers on those sites. Can we just recall the 2016 presidential debates for a quick sec? (So many hashtags!)

So how does knowing how our audience is getting the news help us as entrepreneurs? Amy Celio, marketing coordinator at Kennesaw State University says to embrace the online rush.

?Word of mouth has always been the biggest opportunity for businesses to grow their customer base. When you have a strong presence on social media, you are directly interacting with your clients and making your brand more personal and engaging.?By going directly to social media you have an immediate opportunity for people to comment, share and tag their friends and family to your products and services. And in a world where we check social media all day, this allows businesses to have a direct, timely and cost-effective marketing strategy.?

Newspapers have slowly transitioned over to the digital format, magazines are following suit as well and there?s big business to be had in the digital world.Celio says this new format of online sharing is like receiving free customer profiles which can be a gold mine for your business.

“Our generation shares everything from birthdays to favorite movies allowing entrepreneurs to use this as a targeting strategy for their ideal customer instead of blindly going after the public. That information brings a more personal understanding of customers and can help build lookalikes through analytics for future business.”

Here are some strategies that can help you get in on the action while the action is getting good:

-Make a landing page.?It?s okay to host your videos from YouTube but it?s better to post them on your own landing page, also known as a web page that you’ve specifically set up with a form to find out more about your visitor. This can make your audience stick around, watch other videos and ultimately sign up for your weekly newsletter or email blast.

-Know your audience. Develop newsworthy posts that speak to your audience. Need help identifying your target market? Read about that here. If you?re writing about the iPhone, clearly don?t start rambling about something in left field. Make your videos or blog posts about your niche so that your target audience will feel fulfilled and keep coming back.

-Target your messaging. Make sure your message reaches your audience and that you provide a call to action for them. Especially through video marketing, you?ll want to make sure you have a defined message and that the message meets the needs and wants of your audience.

Understanding that people are taking control of their own information can be an exciting venture for your business. Do you need help with a social media marketing strategy?