It’s amazing what can happen when you pick up the phone and offer help. Really, this is expressing care and being a human in your marketing.

My business tends to slow down over the summer months – clients spend time with their kids who are off from school, others take vacations, others just want a break.

As much as I would like to do the same, I have really strived to maintain continuity and steadiness in my business. Therefore, I enrolled in Dan Tyre’s bootcamp via Hubspot. The main thesis of this bootcamp is “Pick up the Phone”. This is something that a small percentage of people in this online marketing industry are doing. So those of us who are up to the challenge tend to stand out. And what is marketing but standing out among your competition?

What began with an in-person conversation at Inbound2016, developed into a potential to working together, then was put on paused, then moved to a slowdown, new budget season, new hires in the company and then…silence.?

The first step in the bootcamp is identifying prospects. I went for the “warm” prospects who I had heard a “no, not right now” in our final conversation. I emailed some, called others. All with the goal of offering help and being of service.

And then, the lead that I originally engaged with 6 months ago emailed back, ready for a phone call.

We discussed what it was like to have a busy schedule and shifts in her company as well as how I could help.

“Well, she said, there is a big product launch coming up in a few months and I would love help on strategy here. I don’t think we’re taking advantage of every opportunity, so let’s discuss this some more…”

This realization that re-engaging with a prospect, 6 months down the road was eye-opening for me. The timing in this case was spot on. The approach of being empathetic, offering help and showing care resonated with this propect. This is something rarely taught and applauded in business. Especially not by any software companies that I know!

The call was a success and I have engaged with this client. It’s a great fit and they seem happy.

Dan Tyre calls this Human 2 Human connecting. Rather than Business to Human which emphasizes sales, selling a product rather than being a solution to the prospect’s problems.

Does this apply in digital, online marketing? Absolutely! I would say that it is even more important as we building relationships is the starting point of any business.

So I would argue an extension of being human in our digital age is picking up the phone and hearing somone’s voice to offer help. This extra step has made me really stand out among my competition and is helping me grow my business.