The ever-evolving digital marketing world continues to struggle with the myriad of options to promote their business. So, we spend money on ads, email, blogging, and what ever comes up next. But how is this affecting my business? How do I know that the Tweet influenced someone to make that purchase?

The answer to this question is difficult. It still takes 6-7 touches to make a sale- that hasn’t changed from advertising days.?Further, each business has on their own unique system of software that answers things differently. Plus, as a marketer, I end up using 3- 7 systems to track all of that information.

Plus, how do you even account for which channel produced the sale?

The answer is a simple one. In my dream report, metrics from the following are measured:

  • website
  • email
  • blog
  • campaigns
  • videos
  • events
  • trade shows
  • social
  • ads
  • and everything else that you do!

Further, in my dream dashboard, attribution would be crystal clear. I would know exactly which interaction would led to the sale.

Ultimately, this is what I want as a marketer, but really, it’s what you want as a business owner. So, it will fulfill a dream for many!

Enter the solution: HubSpot’s Campaign Reporting

This is a new feature in their marketing software. A contact is “influenced” by a campaign if they interact with any of the content assets associated. Examples: email click, blog post view, landing page submission, social message interaction, etc.

It works in 3 steps:

Reporting - Partner Sneak Peek 65.png

2. Associate it with a Campaign

Reporting - Partner Sneak Peek 66.png

3. Allow the reports to run themselves!

Reporting - Partner Sneak Peek 68.png

While managing other marketing activities, Hubspot is tracking all of the interactions from the user as times goes on.

How Hubspot tracks interactions:

Reporting - Partner Sneak Peek 87.png

How does the tracking work?

  1. Contacts created or influenced by and of its assets – social media, emails, landing pages, website pages, ads. This is all tracked in the Hubspot CRM.
  2. When a sale is made – this is recorded as well in the contact’s account.
  3. Credit is given to the campaign- we can see actual dollars and measure most easily the return on this campaign investment!

So, we go from many tools, Before

Reporting - Partner Sneak Peek_Page_073.png

To one magical, dream dashboard- After!

Reporting - Partner Sneak Peek_Page_074.png

How does the deal attribution work? How can I tell which Tweet made the sale?

It?s an ?all touch? model. When a sale is won, HubSpot looks at all the contacts associated with that deal, and determines which campaigns influenced those contacts. Those campaigns get ?credit? for the deal.

Even better news – campaign reporting is available in all paid versions of Hubspot!

More to come, stay tuned…