tools.pngI see this post as the beginning of something wonderful. A list that will be added to as time goes along, or perhaps a time capsule when the internet has changed so drastically. Here are my favorite marketing tools:



Hubspot – FREE CRM tool.

Social Media 


Great aggregator and content schedule. Pay for the premium version and you can invite colleagues, receive suggested content for your industry and better analytics. 

Later  –  

Another great automation service to schedule posts for your social platforms. Both free and paid versions are available for purchase.                  

Instagram (Business Profile)                                                                                                                  Free, accessible, and so easy to use! By claiming your account as a ?Business? Instagram account, you gain access to insights that includes activity and audience information. Proving an accurate and real-time count of profile visits, website clicks, reach and impression. A number of helpful results at your fingertips. More information is provided here.                           –


Tagboard –

Search Twitter for influencers, trending items, hashtags, etc. 

A/B Testing

Usability hub – https://usabilityhub.comAllows you to test out minor difference in web pages or large fundamental user experience designs, relatively inexpensive.


Content analysis tool

Buzzsumo –

Use it to analyze keywords, #hashtags and for finding key influencers? reach.

Distribution of Content

37 Step Content Marketing Distribution Checklist-

(credit to Heidi Cohen)


Analysis tool –

Google Analytics – –         A great tool to better understand your audience, providing you with real-time statistics and findings.  

Landing pages

Unbounce- http://unbounce.comUnbounce has a great landing page creation tool. Plus they have an awesome podcast, too!


Hubspot blog topic generator –

A fun way to come up with creative blog topics. 



Yelp is still the front runner here with loads of content and reviews for places, professionals and things.  Plus with new integrations in iOS, they’re leading the pack. Just don’t pay for ads.


Free beautiful photos taken by professional photographers, up for grabs for free!


Free Stock Photos categorized by the following:

VSCO –                                                                                                                        A wonderful and popular photo and video editing app. It is very easy to use and also gives users the option to post photos and create a portfolio showcasing a collection of both images and videos that can be shared. A sufficient amount  of filters, presets, and features are offered free of charge, additional themes and filters are available for purchase with VSCO Membership.

Persona Generator

Use this to come up the character that is whom you are trying to reach. This is a combination of demographic, psychographic and other information. 

Make My Persona –


Gmail is the best. It’s free and you can sign up for a free trial of their upgraded version- Professional, here.

Gmail –

Business Cards

Moo for printing biz cards