2020 was the year of surprises.

Who knew when I took this photo at the beginning of 2020 last year that so many surprises would ensue?

Peek-a-boo! I see you 2020!

Yes, 2020 is over and done, but the results of this a dramatic year are still unfolding. How to do marketing in 2021 after an unpredictable year?

When the year began, I thought this is going to be a strong, epic year. I’m bringing together passions of marketing and wellness- and so happy that I have as this something that my clients have been responding positively to.

As more and more business owners consider their impact on others and themselves, the pivot was well-timed and is a theme for how we move forward. With more humanity, compassion and consideration for all of our human qualities. The need for a break especially if our business has performed well this year.

The need to evaluate what is most important – no doubt our health (ours and our team’s) in all of their forms – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional need to be considered as we move forward.

Plus how we impact the globe. We all have the ability to spread light and to change the outdated systems. It seems 2020 brought to light every form of injustice (well not every, but some pretty big ones!) and there is more work to do! How can you show up better, brighter, evolved?


Astrology of 2020

If we look to the astrology of this era, we were due for a big upheaval.  There were many planetary meet ups that signaled big changes.

What I love about astrology is that it takes advantage of mathematical cycles in our solar system. For example, we know that Saturn transits the sun every 29-30 years. This means we can look to the past to be prepared for the future. By looking at where each planets orbits in relation to the sun and to each other, we can identify trends/movements/shifts and look to those past occurrences to guides us now.

Astrologically, 2020 presented many big planetary meetups.


marketing in 2021

This article, published March 1, 2020, highlights those planetary meet ups through the lens of COVID-19 and the economic events that ensued.



More planetary movements that I found impactful this year:

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

The last time Saturn and Pluto’s paths crossed in Capricorn was in January 1518. Just three months prior, in October 1517, German monk Martin Luther released his doctrine 95 Theses, which exposed financial corruption that had been rampant in the Catholic Church. Subsequently, this sparked the massive Protestant Reformation of Christianity. This is an example of the kind of transformation that can emerge when Plutonian secrets are revealed and a new Saturnian system is presented.


Saturn in Capricorn


Learnings: People want individual freedom and human rights—and our governments should be formed as a means to support that. Policies built around fear and control will ultimately backfire.


Jupiter in Capricorn


Learning how to fail faster and bounce back quicker. After all, “mistakes” are part of the process. At the same time, don’t overdo it on the trial and error. Not only can that be expensive, you might waste precious time reinventing a pre-existing wheel.

Grand Conjunction/Mutation

Grand Mutation on December 21, something that happens approximately every 200 years.
The Grand Conjunction occurs once every 20 years, and sets the tone for the ethos for the next 20 years affecting the arts, music, theatre, literature, entertainment, designer fashion, food, music, mathematics, science, politics, and the government agenda.

From Susan Miller, Astrology Zone

This year, something amazing is about to happen on December 21. Jupiter and Saturn will not meet in an earth sign as they have been for the last 200 years, but instead, they will meet in air—in this case, Aquarius.

Furthermore, for the rest of your life, Jupiter and Saturn will only meet in air signs in their coming Grand Conjunctions—Aquarius now, Libra in 2040, and Gemini in 2060. Astrologers call this change to a new element the Grand Mutation.

Read more: https://www.astrologyzone.com/a-note-from-susan-miller-december-2020/#ixzz6iLBncgyO

What Does This Mean?

marketing in 2021

We are ending an era and beginning a new one. If you’ve heard about the Age of Aquarius, this is another big shift in that direction. This Aquarian age is about community, information availability and power being held by all people rather than a small elite group. In my yoga community, it’s described as an era of shifting of consciousness. In fact, we need to upgrade to manage all of the new information and it’s impact on our nervous system.

Read more about technology and mental health

“What is the Age of Aquarius? The Age of Aquarius is a mega-multiple manifestation. It is a lifestyle which has a vision of many channels of realities which a single human being will have to face. The capacity of the mind will reach its optimum in order to deal with everyday life. The world will become smaller and smaller and smaller. So man’s vitality has to become larger and larger and larger.

-Yogi Bhajan, lecutre on April 7, 1993


This shift has been occurring for many years, some say since the 1960’s or early 2000’s. What we absolutely need are tools to manage. Our internal computers need an upgrade.  Enter ‘self care’ especially meditation, energy healings and more.

If you need a meditation practice and accountability, join our 19 day – Rise and Shine Challenge.


What Happens in 2021?

Astrologically, the challenges continue into 2021. if you don’t yet look into Astrology as a business tool, this is the time to begin.

Some favorite astrologers listed below, all are free.

Astrostyle by the Astrotwins

Susan Miller

Molly McCord Podcast

Moving Forward, What Can I Do?

Here are the 10 things that I believe are useful in your marketing and beyond as we enter 2021.

So how do you handle your business and your marketing this year? Here are the top 10 learnings from this year:  
  1. Flexibility and change are constant.
  2. Try not to plan. Each time that I tried to plan out, even 4 weeks in advance, things changed, shifted, disappeared.
  3. Manage day by day.
  4. No attachment to results of what you put out there.
  5. Knowing that truly, we are all in this together.
  6. Being more human is more effective. We wrote about Human to Human marketing years ago, read here.
  7. Connect with your customers- phone calls, video chat, etc go a long way.
  8. Pivot to ecommerce, if you haven’t already.
  9. Stay open. Things are hard and disappointing, however, the way through is to stay open. There are possibilities you may not be aware of. To see them, you must remain open; this is a position of power. When open, you can see all possibilities. If you shut down, you are not able to receive.
  10. The greatest wealth is health. Take care of yourself – read, draw, dance, talk to friends. The only way through is through and it's going to continue. Find those ways to connect.

2020 is over, and 2021 will continue to challenge us. Be nice to one another. We are all in this together. I conclude with this amazing and prescient quote by Yogi Bhajan. Please reach out if you need help.


Touch a person, hold a person and then carry a person. You can’t drag anybody. You can’t lean on anybody. Carry them, simply and truthfully. And what are the words that dignify the carrying? Can you repeat after me? “I am with you.” That’s all. One line, “I am with you.”

-Yogi Bhajan, excerpted from lecture on 12/20/97