Lately, I’ve given much thought to mastery.

How coming back from a deep vacation can change you and bring a new filter to your world. How do you hang onto that feeling of relaxation and rest that comes when you are separated from your daily grind? How does one incorporate this back into the everyday? How to master the day to day.

From the another perspective, how can a new state of mind, full of rest and relaxation can do for your business?

I have recently become a yoga teacher to further my introspective and spiritual journey and to incorporate new tools for my daily practice. Remembering to breathe, stay present and mindful are helpful when stress creeps up or when dealing with challenging software issues that are out of my control. Incorporating meditation has created a huge shift in my wellbeing and my life. The change in my presence has become so vast that many have noticed and inquired,

“What are you doing?

“Lisa, you look so calm amidst this madness.”

“You’re shining so bright, share with me your secret…”

I’ve loved what I’ve learned and have found it so impactful, that I have begun to share with others. Leading a bi-weekly meditation at my office space has lead to happier, calmer and friendlier colleagues. They are more productive, more intuitive and finding success at work. I’ve received feedback that confidence is boosted, healings have been made and more. Their receptive attitudes and messages from the universe have prompted me to expand these offerings and bring them to you, my community.

Who could benefit most from meditation than successful business owners? You work non-stop for the success of your business and likely, you fall to the bottom of the list of priorities. I’ve been there, and it wasn’t good for me, my business and my loved ones.

I’m working on incorporating meditation, shamanic healing and yoga into The Hive. Because we are more than just our business, we are humans in the business of helping other humans. To be effective, it’s important to care for the entire self versus just one piece of it. All of the elements are intertwined and pulling on one lever can impact the others, particularly when it’s in relation to you- the business owner.

Not to worry, we will continue to focus on marketing and your growth as a business owner and a human. We love that.

Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, here are some trusted meditations for upcoming busy seasons:

To begin

  1. Ideally, you would begin your day with a mediation. If that’s not possible, get up from your desk, away from your computer, if possible, find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Take few minutes to sit in a comfortable position, ideally criss-crossed legs.
  3. Chant, “ong Namo guru dev namo” three times.
  4. Do a few warm ups
    1. Deep breathing
      1. Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose, inflating your belly, lungs, clavicle. Exhale through your nose, clavicle, lungs, belly.
      2. Repeat as many times as necessary to slow your breathing and feel present in your body and space.
    2. Neck rolls
      1. Roll head right ear to right shoulder, and on one direction, roll the head in a circle. Continue to breathe!
      2. After a few minutes, reverse the direction of the rolls.
    3. Shoulder Shrugs
      1. Inhale the shoulders up to your ears
      2. Exhale the shoulders down- you can drop them slowly or dramatically- whatever feels good!
  5. Then, choose your meditation:

When you feel overwhelmed with how much work you have to accomplish this week.

This is great step-by-step how to suspend your breath. This helps with emotional control, nervous system balance and more, great for those moments when you are so overwhelmed, you’re not sure where to begin.

Before a Big Meeting or an Important Presentation

What to do before a big meeting to balance your mental energy. This is helpful in creating a cool, calm, collected space for yourself.

Before a Meeting with Investors

Become your greatest self and a master of your space. I use this meditation to embody my power. This mantra activates your heart – your most powerful tool for leading the space in a conscious way.

I shared this with a friend who was going in front of an investor and she felt grounded and in control while being in her best self-shape.

Meditation for Removing Fear of the Future

Use this when you are feeling unsure about the future. It activates your own inner power to ensure you are victorious over anything coming your way. Listen to this track while performing this meditation.