Are you tired of the feast or famine cycle of your business? Are you looking for greater ease in managing and marketing your business? Are you tired of having more ?ok? clients than ?Great?? Maybe you need a Target Market.

Many business lack clarity around the kind of clients with whom they want to work. ?Anyone that wants to lose weight!? says the Nutritionist, believing that this will bring a stream of clients to her door.

In your business do you really want anyone that wants to use your product or service? Before you answer, please consider that ?Anyone? could be any of the following:

Someone that:

  • Will never be satisfied no matter how great you are
  • Doesn?t pay your bill
  • Cancels their appointment at the last minute
  • Is always late
  • Is dishonest
  • Wants something for free
  • Wants you to lower your prices because they found the same service elsewhere for less
  • Doesn?t value your expertise
  • Thinks they can do it better themselves, but they ?just don?t have the time?

?and the list goes on.

Also, how do you market to ?Anyone?? Does your website need to be different if your client is a 12 year old girl vs a 90 year old man? What if you offer Residential AND Commercial services? Will the SEO for one also work to target the other? Where do you network to meet the kinds of clients you are looking for? If ?Anyone? is a good client for you; you are competing with ?Everyone?.

So what is the answer? While it may seem counterintuitive, specificity is the key. Be an expert in your niche. Spend some thinking about the clients that you truly enjoy working with. Think about the service you provide that makes you the highest profit. That intersection is the beginnings of your Target Market.
Once you know what your ideal clients look like, you can focus on just one thing. Set yourself apart from the competition by being known as the best at the ONE thing you do. Build the kind of business you will truly love while earning a consistent income that makes you happy. When you have a defined Target Market, your marketing strategy becomes clear, your return on dollars invested is much higher and it makes your business decisions easier.

Identification of the target market is the crucial first step in allowing your new clients to find you. There are many ways to identify your target market, in fact, if you?d like to attend a class in the Bay Area, click here to sign up. 

Blog post by Leslie Salazar,  Co-Owner of Referral Institute San Francisco Bay Area. By providing relevant referral marketing instruction, continuous support and compassionate consulting to develop a unified personal network, the Referral Institute creates communities of like minded, successful entrepreneurs who generate amazing business and aspire to a spectacular life!  Email her at: