Happy 4th of July week!

Celebration of American values such as freedom, quality of life, and innovation. We have loads to be proud of as such a  relatively “new” nation. Personally, I have a few brands that I believe really represent what’s best about our nation better than others. This list of my favorite American brands create something that I find useful, here in the US and do it in a way that’s a bit better than others.



Raleigh Denim
Raleigh, North Carolina

I discovered this brand on a trip to North Carolina and visiting their ‘Curatory’ retail space adjacent to their factory and workshop. Between the paperplanes lining the retail space’s ceiling and the charming, hand-signed denim the husband and wife team is making some special product. In fact, the Cotton association has taken notice. Cotton Makers- Raleigh Denim.  They take an artisanal and dedicated approach to everything that they create- denim, t shirts,






Ball? Jars 
Munice, IndianaVintageBalljars.jpg

Ball jars have made a comeback as of late with people creating, canning and storing food and products in these versatile products. The reason this company and product stands out to me is that its been around since 1880 and still has relevance today in product, marketing and in usage

Jarden Home Brands which is the parent company to Ball and Kerr came up with a timely marketing campaign using the company’s Pinterest account and its Facebook Page was used to invite people to share their experiences on canning.

The even launched national “Can-It-Forward” day events at farmers’ marketers to highlight canning demonstrations and use of their jars.

I admire the relevancy that the product has created for itself today – the sign of something that can transcend eras. In fact, I’ll be using these jars at our upcoming wedding and reuse them after the festivities.

Apple Computer
Cupertino, CA


This may be everyone’s favorite American company, brand and the iPhone their favorite product. As a native Californian that grew up alongside this company and its products, I can say they have a special place in my life. The first computer I touched as well as the computer that I use today is an Apple. I’m a Mac person through and through.

nokiawithfaceplates.jpgThat’s not the only reason why I believe this is such a great American brand. The representation of a product as a solution is the reason why the iPhone makes my list. I didn’t start out this way. I’ve had some sort of cell phone since 1999, from the Nokia with the faceplate to the flip Motorola and eventually to a smartphone.

I had a Blackberry at one point and was reluctant to adopt to the iOS technology. But when I did finally move into an iPhone, there was no hesitation on using this product. Shortcomings were quickly forgotten as the ease of use, attractiveness and mobility was adopted. What I love so much is that Johnny Ive and team have decided to make decisions that are beautiful and functional – a rare combination. The care, intention and love put into the designs have been factors in the iOS adoption rate in the US.

Though Android has been the bestseller, globally for many years, recently, the tides have turned.  In the US, Apple iOS overtook Android for the first time since this time in 2012 by a 0.1% margin, reported Carolina Milanesi, Chief of Research at Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. 

With a wide range of phones now on the market for all price levels, iPhones will surely take over. The winning combination of luxury branding, evocative marketing campaigns that solidify an emotional connection to the device, and well thought design make this a truly American success story.