I’m happy to announce that I have come up with a new name for my business. if you’ve been following along, I wrote about becoming my own client in a previous blog post.??While it took longer than expected, I did come up with something that I’m really excited about.

As I move into a more collaborative model, working with other talented solopreneurs to achieve great results for our clients, the time is right for an identity upgrade.

My business name began as my own initials – TheLT.co for The Lisa Taylor Company. Since then, many things have changed. Last year, I married my love and changed my name to Lisa Taylor Powers. Yes, it?s a mouthful, I know, however I feel strongly about both names and like to include both in my new identity.

Secondly, I felt the need to give my business it?s own persona. I want this company to stand on its own, for SEO purposes and beyond!

The final element is my company visual identity. This is one area that will remain the same – the honey bees are a critical element and really, they are the starting point of this naming project.

These vital creatures are creative, a strong, and pollinate the flowers, plants, vegetables that make our lives better. Further, they create a strategic device to grow their hive. So many parallels to entrepreneurial life and building a business with strategic marketing. Most importantly, my customers resonate with this and they find it memorable. More on how used my customer feedback later.

Without further ado, The Hive Marketing is live, today!





My new email address is lisa@thehiveholistic.com, however, emails sent to lisa@thelt.co will reach me.

Thanks to all who provided feedback via my survey and in person and have supported this new phase. Onward!




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