VideoMarketing.jpegConstructing your marketing vision for 2017 is a pivotal step to having a profitable year. One of the most important items you?ll want to put on your list this year is adding video to your marketing plan. Whether you?re a seasoned pro or it?s the first time you?ve drafted your marketing initiatives, navigating the video marketing landscape can be a confusing and tedious process, especially when you?re trying to get your whole team working toward the same finish line. Your end goal will be to make sure you?re available to your audience at any time of the day or night.

Video is all the rage in the marketing world these days. What was once written content, you?ll now find as a video message. Believe it or not, the message is actually reaching the audience better than ever before. According to The Reuters Institute?s 2014 Digital News Report, the internet reaches 78 percent of Americans each day. And of that percentage, the majority is receiving their news via videos on their smartphones. Forbes also reports that 65 percent of executives have actually visited a vendor?s site after watching a video. There?s no doubt that sending your information out over video helps your lead stay around longer, engage more thoroughly and retain your business information longer. All things you desperately need to consider when making your marketing goals for the coming year. Still questioning if video’s for you? Check out my post on the importance of?getting started in video marketing.

Here are 5 steps to help incorporate?video into your marketing 2017:

Make a roadmap. Every marketing strategy starts with a detailed plan. You need to outlie n?it is that you are trying to accomplish through video and learn everything you can about who the video is intended for. Knowing your target audience is the key to understanding what your audience wants and needs and what they?ll come back for. If you don?t know who or why you?re making a video, it will never work. Then, you need to decide on the exact topics you will use for the videos and what format you will want for them.

Write a mission statement. You need to sit down with your entourage and write a mission statement that everyone can work toward in the coming year. We want to use video in our marketing to inform our target audience about a, b or c. And make sure everyone follows that mission throughout the entire year.

Know your budget. Making videos is relatively cost-effective but you?ll want to ensure that you pick the right team of videographers to make them for you. You?ll want to start small. Maybe begin with a short video series (3 to 5 videos) about your decided topic. Next, choose whether you?ll be making the videos in house using your marketing team or if you?ll be outsourcing them to another company or independent contractor. Then, ultimately get on the same page about what you need from them to reach your audience.

Clear out a space. You also need to figure out where you will put your video on your website. Will it be hosted on your blog page or on your welcome page? Will you use it on your human resources section or will your video have a category all its own?

Plan to promote. You can hire a famous videographer and host a video on the most impressive website known to man, but if no one knows how to get to you, it won?t ever work. You have to market your videos by posting them on social media, sending them out in your email blasts and engaging with your fan base.

Don?t be afraid to change. Check your analytics, check your analytics and then, check your analytics again. Analytics provide information about who is visiting your site and how long they are staying there. The metrics will also show you your click-through rate (how many people see your post and actually click on the ad). Finding out what?s not working and what is working is a definite positive for your business. Study your analytics and adjust accordingly. You may need to evolve several different times over the year and that’s okay.

The most important thing about incorporating video into your new marketing plan is making sure your purpose is aligned with your business goals. If that?s on track, you are well on your way to establishing a great media strategy for 2017.