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Bring a wellness program to your employees. But why? Meditation is the simplest way to mitigate stress, bring in helpful energy and to ensure you’re in top performing shape. Happier, more harmonious relationships and workspaces! Programs may include

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Healing for Personal Growth

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Change your frequency and attract all that you want to live your best life.

Bringing in a meditation program to your life has countless benefits – more productivity happier, friendlier and healthier teams are the results. Also, less sick employees, less stress and dysfunction.

Happier, more harmonious relationships and workspaces!

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The yoga of awareness, or Kundalini Yoga is what we teach. We are fond of the methodology, the simplicity and the effectiveness of this type of yoga. It is comprised of 4 parts: asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation and mantra. The goal is to live a healthy, happy and holy life.

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Entrepreneurs and their businesses will suffer when their own well-being is compromised. First hand experience has shown us how when we are in our best state, our business and every other area of life will thrive.

Shamanism is a method to heal and provide help and information. As old as humanity itself, it is the foremost tool to provide healing. Don’t get it twisted – shamanism is not a religion. In fact, it co-exists with religions in many cultures.

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