Superbowl 50 (#SB50)?graced us with its presence this year in the Bay Area. The only thing I look forward to over Superbowl weekend are the commercials and the halftime show.

Since I didn’t make it to the halftime show, the commercials ?were my source of entertainment. They showcased the usual suspects: chips, beers, car and gaming companies.

The overarching theme seemed to be individuality, empowerment to be who you are – clearly these brands are targeting the Bay Area?s growing population of Millenials and Generation z kids. ?Plus, there was an attempt at depth and emotion in promotion of the products or flat out ridiculous humor to be memorable. Despite the overall lack of creativity by the larger brands, some did manage to make me laugh or think differently. In addition, money was spent in other creative ways to promote brands, businesses and products.?I note where specific brands were highlighted despite not paying for a 30 second spot at the Superbowl.

T-Mobile / Restricted Bling

Quite literally how the business-minded can interrupt the creative using celebrity musician Drake.

Bud Light Party
A good spoof on politics in America- brave choice for a huge brand.

Avocados In Space
My favorite commercial during the game was Avocados in Space. It was clever, well-thought-out and unexpected.

There?s a corresponding contest where participants tweet a photo of their earthly weirdness to win a trip to Mexico and avocados.


Of course, we expect these big budget commercials to be the best source of traffic in the days following the Superbowl. However, there were some interesting branding/endorsing that occurred before and after the game that is used for marketing.
Levi?s Stadium proudly announced throughout the game and in almost each camera angle I viewed. After spending $220 million for naming rights and making history as one of the biggest marketing deals of all time, I sure hope so Levi?s will receive this kind of promotion. ?JC. Curleigh, CEO of the Levi?s Strauss,called it the biggest long-term corporate marketing deal in the company’s 140-year history. “It’s a big-league deal with a big-league company.”

Another thing to note is the numerals used for the game. This branding move really speaks to the target of this widely known football game. This year, the five and zero were in not, roman numerals as is customary to brand the Superbowl. Had this been the case, it would be called ?Superbowl L?. Since this special event was the commemoration of 50 years, the golden theme and using Arabic numerals really made the game stand out and appeal to the masses.

The most memorable advertisement for me was Peyton Manning stating how he was going to celebrate his victory last night:

?I?m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, Tracy?

? Peyton Manning, after winning Superbowl 50

Peyton apparently wasn?t paid for this endorsement.

Overall, the Superbowl can be a great source of innovation, creativity and lets not forget cash.
It?s a great forum for brands to showcase their creative muscle with the largest captive audience and the highest budget in the US. It was a fun experience, but I?m so glad the Bay Area will be back to ?normal? this week.