It’s important in these unprecedented times, that we show an unprecedented amount of concern for our fellow neighbor – as well as our fellow local businesses. We can’t let the COVID19 pandemic put us out of business – so it’s important that we band together. Below are some tips to support your business and ways to support other businesses in your area.

Tips to support other businesses

1. Order food directly

When you use a delivery app, most of the profit goes to them and the driver.

Full explanation here

2. Buy products online or e-gift cards

Take your shopping online! Or use this opportunity to send a gift to someone you know. You can send immediately or on a scheduled future date. 

3. Pre-purchase services for a future date

If there are services that you have a history of using (and a desire to use in the future), take this time to support them. After this is all over, you’re still going to need your eyebrows waxed.

4. Leave a Yelp or Google review

In a time where over 50% of prospective clients view online reviews before visiting a new business, this can hugely impact a small business in a big way. 

5. Join a cause to offer support

Many companies are creating causes to help pay their employees during this tough time. Contribute if you have the ability, and if you don’t, share to social media. And of course, now would also be a good time to donate to the many efforts to fight the spread of the virus and support the communities most affected.

Flour Craft Workers Fund

Article with information and links to social causes


Tips to support your business

1. Share social media and email marketing updates

We’re all going through this together. This is an opportunity for you or your business to show a more personal authentic side to the world. Share updates on what’s going on via social media and email, preferably using video (it’s easier to connect that way). The more authentic and personal the better! More people are spending time on socials right now, so it’s an opportunity to get them to tune into you.

2. Create a cause to ask for help

Like the example in the earlier tips, YOU can create a cause via GoFundMe. Coupled with the social media tip above, this could be a powerful life-preserver.

Advice on creating a successful GoFundMe

3. Disaster assistance loans

Use every resource available to you via the federal, local, and state government. Also, keep an eye on the bill coming out of Congress to see if it will provide relief.

Disaster loan assistance

4. Setup ecommerce capabilities

If there was ever a time to be able to sell your products and services digitally, now is it. If you don’t have that capability yet, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Your website provider (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.) will almost certainly have options for you to set up online sales via your website.

Guide to ecommerce setup

5. Meditation

Remember that mental health and self-care for you and your team are MOST important during difficult times such as these. Meditation can be a great way to center yourself and stay calm right now. Whether you start your own practice at home by yourself or work with me to guide you, meditation can really change your life.

Our new Rise and Shine Meditation Challenge

Info on private meditation for your team


There are many things you can do right now. You can’t let the state of the world paralyze you. Supporting the businesses you care about is how we all get through this together. We know this feels like an inescapably dark time, but remember that obstacles illuminate opportunities. A new strategy or a new idea may be borne from this that expands your business and your life.

Rise and shine.