Blogs! We write them, we read them, we love them…but are you aware of the true power behind a blog? We are here to share some findings that simply blew us away and have inspired us to blog away!

Whether you are using blogs for personal or business use, this content is relevant for any blogger or reader.

What makes a blog so special anyways?

Blogs serve as a platform for individuals or businesses to dig deeper and tell a story, a window into authenticity and true value. They are informational, entertaining, and when executed correctly: relevant! Relevancy evokes emotion and builds connection and connections lead to great relationships and in terms of  business, it may lead to transactions and strong bonds with customers. (Again, we can connect both in a personal or business aspect.)

Are you interested in growing the overall quantity of visitors drawn to your website? 

Of course you are!

One answer, blog! Blogging is proven to drive overall traffic to your website. With every blog post created, another indexed page is introduced to your website as well! This means better search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO, properly known as search engine optimization, is a process that includes all the strategies and techniques that are implemented to increase the overall traffic to a website. Traffic is simply a term that refers to all the visitors to the website. Traffic can be increased by obtaining a high ranking placement on the SERP (search engine results page). So! Basically: blogging, SEO, Traffic, Influx of new visitors & a very happy you! 

A few statistics  to  give you a better idea of the overall effectiveness of SEO:

  • Companies who blog receive 97% more site links than those who don’t.
  • Companies who blog have 434% more indexed pages than those who don’t. That means more leads! 
  • Updating and republishing old blog posts can increase traffic by more than 100%.

Now backing up a bit…as I mentioned earlier; blogs (when written carefully) can serve as relevant content and grow your connections.  From a marketer’s standpoint, connections are everything! 

We wanted to share a few cools findings we experienced through blogging that inspired us to write this blog in the first place!

For those of you who are keeping up with our blogs on the regular (thank you, you rock!), you could recall a previous post of ours: a client spotlight for the fabulous ‘GoSesh’. And if you have yet to read it, head on over and check it out!

Our intention was to share our case study featuring a great company that we had the pleasure of working with. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned that the blog actually sparked an interest from a few VCs.

An additional experience shared by another client – The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

They published a wonderful blog highlighting the upcoming surf contest known as Mavericks Challenge which took place in November. Their intention was to encourage all to come watch the contest from the comfort of their restaurant, to gain exposure through the post and potential business. However, their fantastic blog post landed them on the very first page of the google search results page and continues to generate web traffic when searching for anything related to the upcoming surf contest- a very great success!

These two companies each had great experiences encountered from ONE blog…think of the possibilities! We hope these stories may have the same effect on you and inspire you all to create! 

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