A few weeks ago, I spent a few days in Boston attending Hubspot?s annual conference-

So many fun and exciting developments in digital marketing. I’m sharing a few here in
hopes that you can use them for your business.

Below are my takeaways from the conference with some important information that
I?ve added just for you.


1. Video, video, video.  In case you missed it, video has been hot for the last 3 years. This year, each social media platformhas a tool to showcase a “live”, in the moment video on their platforms – we have Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Twitter Video. If you use this, your videos are shown to users on your platform of choice more often.

Need help in starting your own videos? See my previous posts about how to get started in video marketing, why it?s important and how to plan for video marketing in 2017.


2. Instagram for business

Has Instagram become a business tool? Looks as though things are heading that way. Have you considered an Instagram account for your business? Here are some tips

  • When creating your bio, include hashtags for your business #TheHive #BuzzStartsHere and encourage others to post using those hashtags. You’ll generate content from your user base which you can reshare!
  • Create a Style Guide: this is true not only for Instagram but for all of your social channels. This will ensure consistency and a “brand” look.
  • Use Videos on this platform.


3. Messages

How do you handle customer requests with a robot without sounding like a robot? Enter Messaging. These great tools are chat windows on your website that are used to address questions, in a ?realtime? way. You connect with customers in a one-to-one manner, but use automation.

Will your customers use a message feature. Turns out, over 5 Billion monthly active users currently are using this tools.


This can work well alongside emails, but can be quicker for those that want to make a decision. You may have noticed one on my website.

Some tools that you can use:
Drift: https://www.drift.com – free tool to try things out.

Hubspot Sales Tool https://www.hubspot.com/pricing/sales this is a great deal at $50 per month. Pricing goes up Nov 1!

Other interesting marketing ideas to reach your taget audience

  • Create a Comparison Matrix – Hubspot vs Marketo- more transparent, the better.
  • Podcasts – by-lined articles:
    • Trade Journals
    • Guest blog posts – get them to share this on their social channels
  • State of the Industry Report – thought leadership, create a Survey, integrate into CRM
  • ROI calculator, interactive tools: lack of a certain thing – anticipated savings (Snap App build)
  • RFP or Buying Guide: How to Pick a Online Course
  • Expert Video Chats/Panels: Zoom, moderate a chat. Record it – LiveStream on FB – Zoom, Wistia
  • Speaking Engagements: tie to PR and By-Line articles

The insights I gained at the 2017 conference are limitless and I am so happy to share this information with you. If you?re ready to take the Inbound Marketing world by storm, I?m here to help.

I’m Ready