Going on vacation this summer? I am too, in a few days, in fact.


Which had me thinking, what should I publish for my out of office message? Should I let people know that I just got married which will perhaps solicit a bit more understanding for my slow replies?

Perhaps have my away message work for me; promote the work that I’ve been doing?

Thankfully, the internet provided some thoughtful, funny and appropriate answers. Some you can borrow to use for yourself!




[Greeting of Choice],

As if the auto-reply didn’t make it obvious, I’m currently out-of-the office until [Date].

Let?s not waste either of our time though — we both want to set you up for success. So let me give you a handful of people that can help you in my absence.

Just click here to contact sales. They?ll take care of you. No B.S. — just straight talk.

[Signature of Choice],
[Your Name]

Finally, here’s a hilarious, candid response that someone actually used.




I’ve decided to go for a classic, upfront response.


Your email is important to me, however, I?ll be out of town getting married, then, taking a honeymoon. from July 15 – August 6, 2015.

Since I?ll have limited access to email and phone, I?ll get back to you upon my return.

You can check my Twitter feed @thelisataylor and Instagram to catch up on my adventures.