Facebook advertising. We know it works – especially video ads.

Recently, we’ve encountered some questions regarding more specifics about Facebook advertising. When is it appropriate to create a campaign versus boosting a post?

We’re here to share information with you discussing the differences between the two and which you should take advantage of.  There are big differences in Objectives, Placement options, and Targeting Customization.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Boost – Boosted posts are ads you create from posts on your Facebook Page. Boosting a post may help you get more people to react, share and comment on it. You may also reach new people who are likely interested in your Page or business, but don’t currently follow you. This is not called “advertising from your Facebook page.

Ad Campaign – creating an ad campaign using the Business Manager allows for more specific targeting options such as audiences, objectives, and a variety of placements. While it is more involved, the results are often better.

Objective Options

What would you like your ad to do for your business? With Boosts, only 5 options. With an Ad Campaign, 13+ options.


With boosted posts your boosting a specific Facebook page post for only 2 options:

  1. More engagement
  2. More messages
  3. Boost an event
  4. Get more leads
  5. Promote your page


With Facebook ads, you are able to set up a campaign with a specific objective for things such as

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Reach
  3. Lead Generation
  5. Clicks to a website
  6. App installs
  7. App engagement
  8. Website conversions
  9. Event responses
  10. Offer claims
  11. Video views
  12. Local awareness
  13. and more – this list continues to grow as Facebook grows.

Placement Options

Where would you like the ads to show up? With an Ad Campaign, you can take advantage of the Facebook ad network-  

comprised of video, mobile app placements, and more across the web. The Facebook network shows ads to 1 billion+people each month across platforms – this means if you are on Facebook on your laptop, then move over to your mobile device, tgen to your iPad later in the day, the ads will be placed strategically and drive higher conversion rates.

This cool study by Facebook shows the results of using the Audience network.


With Boosted posts your only able to run it in the Facebook feed.


With Facebook ads, you are able to choose a larger array of places to display your ad, such as:


Get high visibility for your business with ads in feeds. Below are the variety of options:

  • Facebook News Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Video Feeds
  • Facebook Right Column
  • Messenger Inbox

2. Stories

Tell a rich, visual story with immersive, fullscreen vertical ads

  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram Stories
  • Messenger Stories









3. In-Stream

Quickly capture people’s attention while they’re watching videos

  • Facebook In-Stream Videos


4. Messages

Send offers or updates to people who are already connected to your business

  • Messenger Sponsored Messages


5. In-Article

Engage with people reading content from publishers

  • Facebook Instant Articles


6. Apps and Sites

Expand your reach with ads in external apps and websites

  • Audience Network Native, Banner and Interstitial
  • Audience Network Rewarded Videos
  • Audience Network In-Stream Videos

Targeting Customization

Targeting is very exciting when you create an Ad Campaign. Below is list of options that can really drive better results than a boosted post.


This is very limited. With boosting, you are targeting your surrounding area, those that like your page.


Facebook Core Audiences helps you select the right recipients for your ad in just a few clicks. Show your ads to people based on. These can be broad or well-defined.

  • Age
  • Location
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle
  • Contact Lists
  • App users
  • Website visitors
  • People who are similar to your current customers

The main difference between a Facebook ad campaign and a Facebook boosted post is that ads have more targeting options and the ad manager gives you more details about these options.

The ability to create it from scratch in the ad console and not have it displayed on the Facebook page as a post is another distinction.


So what is the difference in results from a Facebook Boosted Post to an Ad Campaign?

With our clients, we always create an ad campaign since we can be highly targeted which we know is more welcome by our prospects. We have seen massive success with Facebook Ads as we can target by interest, geography, age, income and more!


The differences between an Ad Campaign and a boosted campaign are big and can make a big difference in your results.

Facebook’s explanation


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