The intersection of digital and analog is of interest to me. I find that space is ripe for innovation, challenges and possibility. These two worlds inform, underscore and really rely on one another.
When a marketing campaign comes my way that marries the two well, I pay attention.


Kaiser Permanente recently sent me a large envelope with something special inside. Alongside a motivational letter, they suggested I create a cutout paper giraffe to remind me of my goals for the rest of the year.


This cool reminder was sent at a time when goals are relevant – summer is here, most people are wearing little clothing and we could all use a reboot and reminder of what we committed to in January. Surely, many of us have derailed from our commitments.

This little adorable yellow cutout giraffe is a great way to do just that. You write your goal on one side of the neck while the other side sports the small, and effective Kaiser logo with their Thrive slogan.

This campaign is novel, caring, interesting and could only be completed in an analog format.

There are some things that digital can do- measure, analyze and help to redirect. And maybe those clever marketers at Kaiser were hoping that people like me would photograph this giraffe to post it online. If that’s the case, their ideas has succeeded and they’ve managed to marry the digital and analog worlds.