Are you feeling a lack of balance, support and connection in your life?

Balance to Thrive Workshop

Designed for Teams

Social isolation has brought about a new set of challenges – lack of social support, connections and physical interactions – something we humans desire. This loneliness can affect you personally and at work.  

And if you’re the one in charge of building, sustaining, and scaling that buzzing your headquarters into something golden, you have to manage yourself and your team. 

But, as we all know, it’s not that easy.

Maintaining balance in a chaotic world is necessary and pivotal in our new world.

And how about your team? Have you had the conversation with them? How are they doing?

Sometimes they just need to express themselves and have the space to be heard.

Finding Balance

When you take care of yourself, the challenges become more manageable. When you expand to your fullest expression, you attract everything you need. It all begins with you.

Loneliness, connection, and work. This community is built with these challenges in mind. Our mission is to launch leaders to be more mindful, heart-based and balanced in the world. 

Nearly ¼ of Americans say their mental health is fair or poor. Fueling this crisis is the isolation that has come from the pandemic.

Elements of Focus


Taking care of your physical self through practices that fit into your life.

Fueling yourself with healthful foods and mindful consumption.


Heightened awareness allows you to control your mind- taking advantage of your logical mind and your creative mind. Practices like meditation and mindfulness fuel this awareness.

Heart-Based Leadership

Your heart has the strongest electromagnetic force in your body. This vital organ helps to pump our blood and can provide transformation, healing, love and gratitude. Learn how to activate this area to make decisions with compassion, truth and love.

What Should You Expect As An Outcome


Connection with your team



Tools to allow for balance, peace and ease


Powering up with your strengths to expand your light


Support from your peers


Ability to ride the waves of change

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Here is what our previous members have to say:

“Hi Lisa. Wanted to take the time to diligently write you a testimonial for the amazing work you did with my team. Your calm, holistic and very focused approach to finding my team member truths was essential for both their growth and my company as a whole. As a consequence, I made some very strategic reorganization and growth strategy moves that have propelled both our company growth and cementing of our company core values and culture. I owe you BIG TIME, so thank you, thank you! The work you do is a game changer. ”

Ed Diaz, Founder, Kuno Advisors

About Me

Hi! I’m Lisa Taylor and I’m the Founder of The Hive Holistic, a personal and business coaching service designed to help you achieve your full potential and master the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  As an entrepreneur, I’ve been through the challenges of mastering the business-owner lifestyle firsthand. 

Having lived and thrived through many life challenges  and very dark periods in a quick span of time (3 years from 2017- 2019). The challenges include marriage, moving across the state, parenthood, divorce, while being a business owner. All of these brought on lessons, awakenings and messages designed to find my true nature and align myself with my soul. 

Now, I’m sharing the variety of spiritual tools with others, since I’ve had such great success.  

I know that taking on the lifestyle of a business owner is challenging. And I know that taking care of yourself is the most important thing that can shift the business trajectory.

As a holistic personal business coach, I will show you how to identify and overcome your own blocks, and move forward with a whole new perspective. And with my expertise in marketing, I can help you create strategic and tactical plans to achieve your goals — and measure your success.

I have tried many tools in hopes of ensuring a balanced lifestyle. Business, family, friends, physical body, health, energy, spirit, emotional body, mind, heart, dark, light, rest, activity all have a place in our world. Too often, we ignore one area in favor of another.

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