Join the Meditation for Equality, Justice and Humanity

June 6

10 am - 11 am, PST

We’ve lost our human connection to one another – we are enclosed, quarantined and fear-stricken. We forget to see that police officers are humans as well, designated to keep us safe.

Behind masks, everyone can be ‘evil’. It’s time to put an end to fear, aloneness and lack of humanity.

We must understand that those humans that are choosing to destroy by looting and defacing are here to teach us. They are showing us the dark side of our society, things we can rectify and shift. The uprising has begun, it’s time to bring in what we want to future to be.

We have the ability to create a new world by focusing on the light. A world that is equal, loving, kind.

Your thoughts and your words are your power.

What will you create?

Join this global meditation for equality, justice and humanity and bring others that want to make a change.

The power of groups is the ability to amplify our intentions.

Uniting to meditate for equality, justice and to see the humanity in one another is our mission.

Join the Meditation

Join Lisa Taylor, yoga teacher, coach, meditation facilitator to envision the world we want to create.

Lisa Taylor

Musical Guest- The Beverly Hillbillies

Sound healer, Lucinda Monroe and multi-instrumentalist Colin James, join forces to create a duo, The Beverly Hillbillies,  that’s as focused on heart healing medicine songs as they are in turning up and having a good time with their original folk music.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Standing back is not good enough. Being complicit is the same as doing nothing and accepting the situation as it is.

Take the next step, sign up and ask others to do the same.