A weekly livestream group guided meditation for balance, wellness and support.

So many things are uncertain and unknown.
So many things out of your control.
What can you control?



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Join together in a safe, virtual group setting to develop your meditation practice. Attain balance, set intentions and gain a clear mind to begin your day.

  • Weekly, live guided meditation by Lisa
  • Guidance on setting up your meditation area
  • Resources, tools and articles shared

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity to master your mind. One can use mantra, pranayama (breathwork techniques), mudra (a posture, typically with the hands) and a focus point all used in combination to train the mind.When you conquer your mind, you can do anything! The mind is so useful. I like to think of it as a tool. One element that makes you wonderful and unique. Below you can view a small segment of the "Setting Intentions" Meditation we completed during a previous challenge.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has countless benefits- reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting your emotional health, increasing self-awareness, improving sleep, fighting addictions, the list goes on! Benefits of the group meditation:-Human connections and interactions - build online community-Creating a new habit - the accountability of a small group provides a safe place  we will be accountable and cultivate a safe and comforting community setting.Even just a few minutes of daily meditation provides benefits such as:

  • 3 minutes: Affects circulation (blood) and electromagnetic field.
  • 11 minutes: Changes glandular system- pituitary gland and nerves begin to learn and change.
  • 22 minutes: Balances and coordinates the three minds - positive, negative and neutral minds. They will work together so your mental integration changes.

What’s Included

  • Weekly, live guided meditation by Lisa
  • Guidance on setting up your meditation area
  • Resources, tools and articles

Connect with Lisa live each week to share and be lifted by all of our combined powerful energy.

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“Weekly meditation is time I give to myself. No matter how stressed I am or how much I have to get done, Lisa’s sessions remind me to take this time to become more and more of myself. To reflect and be present and intentional in everyday life. I have learned these practices and try to implement them in my everyday life now, thanks to Lisa! I would have never known how powerful meditation can be if it was not for Industrious offering weekly meditations.”

Dennisah Francis