hive2.jpgI?ve always been intrigued by the various species of bees on our planet. They?re small, powerful and nimble, yet their tiny bodies have a vast and outreaching effect on all of us. To watch a bee work its magic is an incredible feeling—one that inspired the idea behind my business name, The Hive Marketing.

hive3.jpegI often get asked why I chose bees as my theme. Today, I wanted to share with all of you about my connection to this far-reaching, yet delicate insect and why I think this pollinating creature is the perfect representative of the power of marketing.

A bee can set things in motion. With over 20,000 identified species of bees, the little guys get to work pretty quickly and efficiently. Their ability to pollinate flowers, fruits and vegetables enables things to grow and change. In that same way, marketing allows a business to grow and change by moving a business in the right direction.

hive 4.jpgA bee?s buzz can spread the word. ?The buzzing sound made by certain pollinating bees helps shake off the pollen from the flower allowing it to connect to the bee?s body and then be taken to another flower. This is just like marketing which helps get the buzz out about a new product or business.

A bee can grow an empire. I?m obsessed with the idea that such tiny forces can produce something so vast. Bees are actually responsible for pollinating everything from beans to cherries to chives. It?s amazing how the work of a few can produce food for so many. Bees do so much for us. Likewise, marketing can seem like a small item on your bid sheet but can result in a vast business empire.

Bees know about community.?The inner workings of the hive were important to my business name. I loved the idea of a group of bees working together for the common good. ?A hive is a place of activity and interaction with the possibility for creating something bigger than one?s self. That idea really resonated with me when considering the role I want my digital marketing to play in our own community. Plus, I see myself as a provider to my clients, giving them the tools to create their own hives of activity.

hive1.jpgA hive produces honey. ?All of that hard work yields the sweetest and most beautiful product—honey. Without all of the right systems in place, a hive won?t yield the sweet golden reward. But just as in marketing, if the right players are in the game, the result will be a delicious and profitable product.

hive 5.jpegI?m not only passionate about the bees from a marketing standpoint, I am definitely concerned with their well-being on earth. As a part of this planet, I feel like it?s my duty to take care of them.

That?s why for the last few years, I?ve donated to the Pollinator Partnership, a wonderful organization that uses direct campaigns to help pollinating insects, like bees and butterflies. They help to bring awareness to the issue with fun events like ?pollinator week.? They also help to encourage pollinator-friendly gardens within our communities with a campaign that gives out a seed packet of beautiful wildflowers that help to increase pollination in domestic settings. Their main goal is to protect the delicate pollinators that help keep our food and ecosystems functioning properly. Supporting their work is very important so that we can play a role in supporting our planet. To get involved and make a difference, visit

But above all else, I loved the name,?The Hive Marketing, because it contained a human element. It connected me to the natural world, animals and the outdoors and allowed me to be a part of something larger than myself.