There are three big steps to live in high frequency – be empowered, clear, protect your energy.

This is vital to know as we enter more and more upheaval in the world  – the macro and the micro.

What we focus on we amplify.

Yes, it’s great to have awareness of the happenings in the world.

Adding worry and energy to these problems will not solve them.

Instead, get clear on yourself, your space and what you provide to your family, friends, community.

Change always begins with you.


Here are the three steps to living in high frequency:

To be fully in your power, get powered up and stay in it. Remove those things that don’t permit or allow this. 

There will be people, circumstances, clients, relationships that will drain you or cause you to compromise your power. 

Don’t let them. 

There are thoughts, words, programs, beliefs that can empower you or do the opposite. 

Be aware of this. 

When you own and accept and be at 100% in your power, its easier to handle the challenges, the hits, the valleys. 

Shamans believe that as you go through life, our soul can lose its power – through our experiences – traumas, life, etc. 

The shaman’s job is to remove things that do not belong.

These inclusions stay on our spiritual self as we go through life.

Hurtful words from others or to our self,

Our self-defeating thoughts,

The challenges and experiences that leave their mark and change our behavior. 

We empower our clients with their soul parts that have gone missing.

Traumas of all sorts: 
Big traumas such as car accidents, job losses, pandemics, 

Smaller traumas like being ignored, being unrecognized or undervalued, being the target of judgment, 

The inability to meet social expectations,

Or something very benign-seeming like overstimulation from your device.

These all have an affect; 

They chip away at your power. 

Unless you take the time to fully recover,

you’re left with less and less and less power.

If you are in your full power 

In your soul, body, mind, heart and emotions,

Imagine that feeling! 

Invincible and full brightness.

Like the sun!

Doing this first, ensures that the next steps are easier to fulfill.


To maintain our immunity on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) it’s important to clear.

Clear what?

Clear how?

Clear when? 

The Ancient Egyptians would weigh the human heart at the end of a life to determine the appropriate afterlife for this soul.

Ma’at, the goddess of this task would measure how light the heart was against a feather;

Heavier than the feather meant things needed to be cleared from the heart. 

Lighter than a feather and the soul lived in a righteous manner according to Universal Law.

Did they express what they needed to express with truth and compassion? 

Did this person live with honor, and humility? 

Did this person have a feather light heart?

What does this mean for you? 

Have those conversations that may be uncomfortable, express your needs, boundaries and truths.

Clear yourself from any and all energies – when you’ve gone out in public and been around others,

Around clients, friends, and any other humans.

All of us humans carry so much with us,

Emotions, thoughts, beliefs, patterns, positivity and negativity that we send it out to others.

You may not even be aware that you are taking on others’ stuff…

Hence the clearing after you are around others is key.

Sometimes, this can be many times per day. 

How to do this?

A clearing meditation

5 Deep breaths

Stating an invocation

Sage, incense, palo santo

A shower

Changing your clothing

Going for a run, workout, being physical

So many ways to clear energy that is not yours! 


This is the final step and should only be taken after 1 and 2 have been completed. 

This is very intentional as these steps build on one another. 

Protection is installed only after taking care of yourself.

Only after being intentional with your clearing,

So that only your energy is with you, 

Then, you can set up your protection.

Setting the intention and visualizing yourself in a golden bubble of light all around you,

Front to back,

Side to side,

It follows you wherever you go

You can call it your aura 

Expand it, make it denser depending on what you need and where you go. 

Activate it before entering a room, or having a conversation, or whenever you need to.