I was talking to a friend I hadn’t seen in person since 2018. He noticed my shifts. 

He said,  “I’ve been watching you on IG and when I see you in person –  wow! 

You are shining and glowing. 

You have this light-ness – like weightlessness about you. 

You gotta tell me what you are doing.”

So I spilled the secrets. 

I noticed when I shared them, he had a look of surprise on his face; almost as if he expected there to be more. 

He thought I was going to mention some special beauty product or superfood. 

When I shared my short list of three items, all of which are free, by the way, I could see that he felt he could do these things.


#1 Prune & Release –  Just like a plant or tree, it’s important to prune those leaves that are brown, old and dying.

They no longer provide anything for you, the time has come to release them. 

Said another way, eliminate what doesn’t serve you, you know, these things that weigh you down.

Whether its negative words from someone from last year that are burdening your heart,

or the weight of an old way of being that your parents, grandparents and family has ‘always done’ but doesn’t resonate with you any longer,

or an old relationship, friendship or some other connection that is not providing what you need.

become aware of this then, release it.


How to Prune

Set the intention to release what you are hanging onto. If you are not aware of what it might be, sit with yourself in meditation or another quiet space. Journal, go deep, then go deeper and don’t be afraid to look at it. 

If you need help with this, see the two points below.


#2 – Intake – be mindful of what you intake – through all of your 9 holes. 

I’ve studied Kundalini Yoga and the man who brought it to the west – Yogi Bhajan is a legend. He was practical, funny and down to earth and his recorded lectures hold many gems. One of them that resonated with me is to be mindful about what goes into the 9 holes in your body. Go ahead and count them, there are 9. 🙂 These holes are portals and can change your experience. 

Your food, the words you say/hear,  what you smell, what you see every day on TV on the internet, social media, etc, plus whom you allow into your body. Being mindful of these things makes you life experience different. 

Become super mindful of what you smell, see, eat and drink, and listen to. These are the basics. Go deeper with meditation, with cleansing the body and use #3 below to do just that.


#3 – Clear yourself many times per day. THIS IS CRITICAL and helps to feed the above two points.

Clearing allows you to get back to square one. Often, we are carrying layers and layers of stuff with us throughout the day, weeks, years. If we don’t prune, guess what? More layers!  

The people that we meet with, in relationship to – their energy can stay with us. That negative review from a customer, the positive loving testimonial- both should be cleared. Why?

We need to be our best selves- this means managing our own energy, without influence (both positive or negative) of others. 

At the end of the meeting (even if it’s on Zoom), the end of a phone call or when you go in public. ABSOLUTELY you must clear yourself each and every night.


How to Clear


There are many ways to clear. 

  • Sage, palo santo and incense are easy ways to clear the air.
  • Breathwork, meditation are other ways. Clear your body parts that are aching, clear your aura, clear your soul, clear your mind.
  • Here is an invocation I use nightly.  it’s easy and works!

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please uplift and bring to completion all the old

Negative or dark energy that is held  in my energy field today.

I send it back to the light from which it came. 

I fill myself with the Highest Cosmic Soul Energy I can now hold.

So it is. And it is so.


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