What does upleveling look like?

I closed a karmic cycle this weekend which provided a big upleveling. 

Upleveling is elevating and trusting that there are better things ahead. 

It’s releasing the existing state in faith that something better will come. 

Upleveling is not easy nor fun.  In fact, it can be crushing. But so worthwhile.

Trusting that there is a better future, better partner, better outcome and happiness, makes the work worth it.

And I’ve been through many of these cycles recently, so I do know this to be true.

A big cycle that is related to my inner and outer harmony.

What does this mean?

This is a long but important story about self-love, toxic patterns and doing the work on my inner masculine. So read on….

…I recognized a toxic pattern and decided to release it. 

This meant removing myself from a relationship that brought joy and fun, but also toxicity. 

I dated this guy for about 2 months and we spent all of the holidays together – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and even my birthday. 

There was fun, joy, laughter and more.

My heart expanded. 

A new level of receiving was attained. 

A deep connection on every level was made. 

However, there were signs along the way that became louder, stronger and more visible to me that we were not in alignment any longer. 

A little bit about my history:

My first examples of masculinity (all genders have both masculine and feminine qualities within us) were toxic. 

They were about pushing down feelings, suppressing emotions and suffering in silence. 

“Stop crying” is what I would hear when the tears would flow – which was often for me!

They were about dominating women and being in power – having the final say in most conversations. 

Further, men in my life were not allowed to share their emotions, to cry, or to rely on anyone.

My inner masculine took on these traits and even made excuses for the men in my life as to why they were doing so.

Fast forward to being in dating, and then a marriage. 

I allowed lots of behavior that suppressed and diminished me. 

I allowed men to tell me that my period was causing me weakness or lack of clarity of producing emotions – all of which were “bad” things. 

I was a part of this toxic pattern. 

The universe is so cool as it will bring up the pattern again and again and it’s our job to recognize it and to stop playing into it. 

This weekend, I did just that. 

I recognized how my hurt feelings were not being honored; they were viewed as non-real since they were not understood. 

I saw what the universe was doing – they were saying, it’s time to clear this lifetime’s long pattern to make space for the beauty and abundance you are meant to experience. 

We’re making sure that you don’t desire this toxicity and that you will honor yourself. 

We know you’ve seen this before, just to be sure you’ve learned, here it is again; this time in a handsome 11% body fat 6-pack package.

Do you trust that something better will come?