Lately, I’ve sought out group connections. Not just during this stay at home pandemic season, but in previous years, this is a desired way to learn and grow. It is in these spaces that I’ve had the most progress, learnings and vulnerability. I’ve met new friends, learned about myself in a deeper manner and the growth has been quantum!


Group dynamics bring something truly satisfying. Going into a group with the desire to change, make efforts and struggle while in the presence of others is admirable. I’ve noticed how this tends to attract others in similar places.


Add to that, sharing what you’re experiencing in real-time and being brave enough to learn and grow in front of others. The learnings from our peers are beyond valuable. They validate our experiences, help us to grow and create a dialog that is ripe for amplified healing.



Groups That I’ve Led

Since the beginning of this pandemic, I’ve been hosting the Rise and Shine Challenge . A monthly 19-day event (re-appropriating the number 19 from COVID 19 😃) where I lead a live group meditation. The themes have been breathwork, intention setting and releasing. We bring in moon energy and current events and allow ourselves to process.  This event has changed me. Yes, the participants are raving!


Check out this 8 minute meditation that covers the basics and is great for everyday!

“Thank you Lisa! And to the group! I've been hitting goals and have been so productive. I feel like the meditation and setting an intention daily has been key.” - D.D.

Benefits of Groups

Being in a group has incredible potential. When people feel they have social support, they have faster recovery from trauma or illness and are better supported in healthy lifestyle habits. Having emotional support of a group has been consistently found to be the most effective in reducing distress (Cohen & Wills, 1985; Stroebe & Stroebe, 1996). 

Moreover, indirect emotional support such as acknowledgement of your friends’ situation and commenting on something positive about  the person can be counted as emotional support. (Study)

One interesting element that many may not realize is happening is that in a group, our intentions are amplified. We are able to support one another, by showing up and create a collective energy that far surpasses what we can do on our own.

The Hive Mind Community is a new group that has emerged and we begin in August. I know that I desire more support and community.  And I’m not alone in this. Friends, colleagues and clients have been desiring community, support and a place to express. Everything from business tools, challenges, family, partnerships and the current climate, race, and the human crisis. 


Further, the deepest healing and most clear insights typically come in a group setting. After leading dozens of group meditations, I’ve seen firsthand how the unity and power of a group (albeit virtual) really does lend an extra dose of support to your desires, intentions and well-being. We create energy greater together than we can do on our own. We learn more from each other than we could on our own.


A small group of individuals desiring community and connection. We are all entrepreneurs, spiritually-minded and desire to help others in hopes of healing our world and creating something balanced and beautiful.

The elements of the group are outlined here:

  • One on one
  • Weekly Community Meetings
  • Monthly Workshops with Experts

What Should You Expect As An Outcome

  • More balance, more time & ease in life
  • Meeting like-minded people to support and build from
  • Powering up with your strengths
  • Support from community
  • Learn more tools for self-care
  • Ability to ride the waves of change

A Testimonial

“The Hive Holistic Coaching was pivotal for me, my family and my business.

This program helped asses how balanced my life priorities are and then worked through some great exercises that highlighted and focused on my strengths and how to use them to help me achieve my goals…

…First and foremost, I learned to prioritize taking care of myself through meditation and healing, then I was able to take on the everyday using her tools to balance every facet of my life. When paired with regular healings, this coaching program has been the key to my personal and professional success.”

- L.S.

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