How do you stay balanced when you are juggling being newly married, moving out of our community, motherhood, then a divorce AND running a successful digital marketing agency?


It all begins with you.


Over the past 5 years, I’ve lived in chaos. Life has thrown many challenges my way. I was living in Marin County, growing my marketing agency and enjoying life. As a newlywed, my ‘husband ‘fed me and supported me as I networked almost daily, spent long nights completing client projects and entertaining friends and neighbors.

As someone who has been primarily physically active, I sought balance by working out daily via yoga, trailing running and road cycling.  I handled my emotions by pushing the limits of my body. This worked for a time.

I became interested in meditation and journaling as tools to access my subconscious mind and my intuition. After taking on a few bad clients, I sought coaching with my intuitive skillset since I believed this would help to feed my business with the best clients possible. Moving to Los Angeles, then becoming a mother overnight heightened my use of intuition. Could there be a better testing ground?

Finally, a divorce. Coming to terms with this was was devastating.  However, the curiosity of what lies inside of me  and what my soul desires to share proved to be more important than my marriage.

Digging into my subconscious, to the dark and vulnerable spaces within was an invaluable part of my journey of self-discovery. It cracked open a part of me that needed to be exposed. Digging into my difficult childhood, my soul’s purpose and my choices in an effort to shine my brightest was the best and most necessary step. Now, I want to share that with you.

I see myself as a bridge. Connecting the spiritual to everyday life. I’ve lived through and thrived in many challenging situations. And I’ve been trained in many modalities.

This pandemic has forced us to examine the way we react. Things like a lack of connection to the body, the emotions, the spirit and the heart. Lack of realizing that the outside is a reflection of the inside: excess food, alcohol, drugs, all too disconnect from and deal with the challenges of a pandemic or really any circumstance- business owner, partner, parent. 

COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to review the past and it’s shortcomings and give shape to the future. So now, it’s the most important time to find balance. This means learning to control yourself since this is the only thing that you can do.

The book I’m writing is called  A Bridge to Balance and it will offer a step-by-step guide for remembering, aligning, and sharing your true, balanced and bright self. With examples from my life, these practical tools are especially helpful in chaotic times. The book is written for those who find difficulty in maintaining balance within themselves while facing adversity and tumultuous situations. The goal is ensuring people can obtain that balance and maintain it in the long term.

Living in this harmonious and inner-equilibrium will ensure that the new world we are creating will be honest, fearless, and sustainable.


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