As a marketer and mystic I wonder if it’s possible to experience and to see love.  Having scientific proof is always a plus and that is what I received when watching a presentation by Michiko Hayashi on the consciousness of water. The ability for water to physically show us the effects of our words, intentions and more via crystals formed due to vibrations. 

Her continuation of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study of water and the Emoto Peace Project is super inspiring. The study on water has created more than tens of thousands of water crystal photos taken in their laboratory, showing that the study has taught that positive intentions, words, prayers, music and vibrations affect water – producing beautiful crystals. On the other hand, negative intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water negatively and ugly. 

Below are images of water before and after a prayer. Notice how there are zero crystals before and the prayer and a beautiful crystal forms after the prayer.water-Before-prayerafter-water-prayer



The Emoto Peace Project

The Peace Project’s mission is below:

“The peace project goal is to educate the truth of water to children all around the world by distributing picture books The Message From Water to children for free. We would like to share a clue to realize world peace that we learned through the research on water in an enjoyable way.”

The surface of this planet earth is at least 70% water, and we human beings are also 70% water. We reflect ourselves in water. We reflect the planet in water. An attitude of love and gratitude can change us and so the entire world will be a sustainable and beautiful place for all beings.

I believe this is proof that you can feel, experience and see love. This beautiful little crystal, below exposed to the words ’Love and Gratitude’ even emits a golden-colored light – this is very special!

The words we select to use inform our internal experience, our physical experience, and even our planetary experience. Michiko believes that turmoil on the planet could be a response to the negative energies we emit from our words, thoughts and more. Perhaps planetary events could be avoided if we are able to share in harmonious communication.


Experiments with Flowers and Food

There have been many offshoot experiments regarding the way that plants, food, and water react to various words, music and images.

I believe the most poignant is the sample of the plants whereby the experimenter came by daily and stated a word to each plant. The words ‘I love you’ produce the most beautiful plants and flowers. While the plant with  ‘I Hate You’ dies as does the ignored plant.


So love is tangible, visible and produces the most amazing crystals – by far the most potent and powerful experience. Affecting change in humans and in water.

What next?

Notice your words – those you use for yourself and for others. Notice your thought patterns and intentions- they create an energy field. How do you speak to yourself?


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