This year, I?ve received many gifts. From family, friends and strangers. After having a wedding, ramping up my business and moving into a new community, venturing into new territory has shown me how compassionate humans can be.


This has been very inspirational in terms of how I decide to give back. So to celebrate this #GivingTuesday, I?m recommitting myself to the many ways that giving back will be incorporated year-round in my business, community and with my local people.



I?ve built hours into my business in which I donate work to deserving community organizations. I dedicate 10% of my business hours to organizations that could use marketing services.  I’m highlighting one in particular that I?ve worked with this year:

Fairfax Open Space Committee exists to preserve the visual and environmental values of the community through the purchase of undeveloped land in and around Fairfax. The goal is to provide sanctuary for indigenous flora and fauna for future generations.
FOSC Fundraising Event – I worked on some graphic design, put together a Facebook Ads and campaign to help in the Fairfax Open Space Committee fundraiser.



After moving to Marin County, I decided to become more involved in my immediate community as this is my preferred place to make an impact. I joined the Fairfax Parks and Recreation Committee. Parks and Rec is responsible for many local events throughout the year. Being on a local town committee adds a level of integration into the community that adds quality to my life. I’m more aware of the happenings, plus I can provide my marketing perspective to the organizations who come to the committee for advice on how to promote their events.



I’m an advocate of monthly purging. I donate used items to my local Goodwill or to my neighbors viaNextDoor. When there is a cause that speaks to my values, I find ways to donate to these organizations. A colleague has created this group called Wednesday’s Gift. This non-profit’s mission is to ?help people any way we can.? During the holidays, they put together gift bags of food, toiletries and supplies to perform giveaways to homeless and others in need in Marin and San Francisco Counties. Their most desired item: socks! After a recent Costco trip, many pairs will be donated to this organization.


Happy #GivingTuesday.