Continuing the theme of goals and choosing the best for you and your business this year, today?s post is about the state of ?overwhelm?.

Most people have felt overwhelmed at one time or another, but when it takes up permanent residence in your life, it can be paralyzing and counterproductive. If you?ve become too familiar with overwhelm, it?s a good time to take a step back and look at things that are within your control to change.

Yes, we all have things we must do, but there are instances where you may not realize that you have a choice. It is an option to say ?no? to helping out at the neighborhood garage sale, for example, or ?not right now? to that new project that sounds great but just might send you over the edge.

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind as you look for opportunities to reduce overwhelm in your life. ?

  1. 1. Understand what you value.

When you get clear about your values, you understand your priorities. It becomes easier to choose to do those things that add to your life and start questioning those things that no longer resonate with you. This allows you to move closer to your goals. And that’s what we’re doing in 2016!

  1. 2. It?s okay to say no.

Sometimes we say yes to things without fully realizing how the decision will impact our day-to-day lives. The next time you are asked to do something that requires a time commitment, pause before saying yes. Need more ways to say, ?no?? Read my blog post ??The Year to Say ?NO?.

  1. 3. Have a go-to plan.

When you notice you are feeling grouchy or short tempered, chances are good that you?ve reached overwhelm. Not only do you feel lousy when you?re overwhelmed but you?re also less focused, efficient and productive. That?s why it?s helpful to have a go-to plan or routine to fall back on. You might take a break or a short walk to clear your head. Some people write in their journal or do some yoga stretches, while others make a list to get all the things that are swirling in their heads down on paper (my favorite plan). The important thing is to notice when overwhelm starts to take over and create a new habit?a go-to plan?that helps you manage it. When you practice your plan consistently, you will reduce your level of overwhelm over time.

Overwhelm happens to all of us, but remember you always have a choice!

Need more information or strategies to manage your busy schedule?

I?ve worked with Susan Tollefson?s time management strategies in her book, 5 Keys to Reduce Overwhelm. It contains some easy, practical tools and exercises you can use to feel better, be more productive and enjoy your workday.

Enjoy! Cheers to a productive 2016!