Powerful You - Stephen's Transformation
We began Powerful You in March of this year.

It began as a small and mighty group that met twice per month to understand, develop and stay in our power.

The group was conceived after I noticed a pattern: clients come to me in a low-power state.

They have experienced many challenges in life which means less power: divorce, moving, overworking, ending relationships, moving, etc.

From a shamanic perspective, people who are not power-filled are prone to illness, accidents, and misfortune.

Anyone who has had a traumatic experience may lose a portion of their soul – of their spiritual essence.

As a healer, we re-install the power that was lost due to these traumas and we also ensure our clients are ‘powered up’ by removing inclusions from their spiritual body.

Being in a powered up state creates a healthy spiritual immunity and also affects your behavior, your mind, your emotions.

This led me to forming Powerful You with the intention of guiding, supporting and partnering with clients on their quest for power.

I was divinely guided to share tools to empower others.

I was guided to do this in a group format.

I was guided to create the container and the people would show up.

Out first meeting was to define power and how we embody power in our lives – in our work/business, in our relationships, with our children and connections.

The group’s old definition of power was just that, old.

It related to old dynamics – one person held “power” over another.

I asked some questions.

We went deeper to reimagine power from a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Each person came up with their definition of power and from that, their experience grew.
They shared with the others in the group found commonalities and learned from one another.

The transformations were exponential.

Stephen came into the group excited to explore and to see what changes could be made in his professional life.

He was up for a promotion and his hierarchical company was putting him through many challenges to obtain this.

Through re-defining power and integrating this new definition, he has been more “centered and calm and open.”

He has recognized that he has a choice in his responses to situations in life: one can choose to react – which is limited by an internal story; or one can choose to be present, centered, calm, open and trust that the response that comes through will be more powerful.

Feels good because it’s simple.

Later in time, while at work, Stephen was asked to interview candidates for a role that it turns out, he could do himself.

He took the opportunity to boldly ask his boss to be considered for this position, his boss agreed.

When reflecting back at that moment, Stephen shared a new development in his ability to recognize and stay within his power.

He was direct, curious, and listening.

Quieting the doubt and monkey mind.

And being open to the possibilities, without attachment.

The letting go and trusting, again.

Two weeks later, Stephen reported back.

He got the job!

I asked, what assisted in this process?

Setting an intention, and not being attached to the results aided in his mindset.

The sharing in the group accelerated his abilities to take action in this new way.
The group and his experience in it,

Evolved into something more than I could have imagined.

Are you ready to unlock your inner power?

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