The truth about surrender  is that you can always surrender more.

I’ve been hit with lots from the universe lately.

This weekend – a ticket for not having my dog on a leash on the beach.

I tried to ask for a warning – not a chance.

Vandalism to my car, right in front of me, while I was parking at my home.

Feeling unsafe, not secure and lonely.

Next up, my bike was stolen- lock clipped from my home bike parking.

Then, my neighbor’s bike was stolen.

I even spoke to the thief, he flat-out lied to me and had no regard for my property.

The universe is clearly sending messages my way.

Time to release attachment to the things, the location, my ego.

How did I not realize how much I was holding onto the physical things?

This happens when it’s time for a switch.

A big change coming where I don’t need to bring all of the weight of the physical with me. 

It’s in development. 

And I trust and know that I am protected, in my power and open for what’s to come.

The universe is making space for something greater. 

In the meantime, I will continue to surrender, listen and stay tuned. 

When I think that I’ve surrendered, I surrender even more. 

I call on my guides – my ancestors, my angels and divine light energy to help me in this process. 

Asking them to remove fear, doubt and pain. 

This opens me up to trust.

Trusting that everything is happening for me rather than to me. 

And guess what?

It works!

I’m able to be more peaceful with the challenges. 

I’m open to receiving the lessons, learning and moving on.


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