It’s time to get outdoors!

Why is Getting Outdoors is Important

Among feeling good as the number one benefit, time in nature heals and helps us be more creative, have more generosity, and take less sick time. It can assist with mental and psychological wellbeing too! Add to that gathering with other humans and animals, and you have a recipe for the ultimate healing and growing playground!

We’re heading to Convergence next week – an intersection of nature, hiking, biking, yoga, music, and great people. It will be the 2nd annual summer gathering, and it created by our friend, Phil Segura; he heads up The Adventure Outpost!


Convergence is just one way to get out of the house, however being in nature, to any degree has huge benefits.

Nature Stimulates Our Creativity and Memory

Spending more time outdoors nurtures our “nature neurons” and our natural creativity. For example, at the University of Michigan, researchers demonstrated that, after just an hour of interacting with nature, memory performance and attention spans improved by 20%. In workplaces designed with nature in mind, employees are more productive and take less sick time.


Nature Heals

Pennsylvania researchers found that patients in rooms with tree views had shorter hospitalizations! Compared to patients with the brick wall views, the patients with tree views experienced less of a need for pain medications, and the nurses received fewer complaints in their notes!
Nature can reduce depression and improve psychological wellbeing
Researchers in Sweden have found joggers who exercise in a natural green setting feel more restored and less anxious, angry, or depressed than people who burn the same amount of calories jogging in an urban environment.


Why Gathering is Important, Especially with Nature, Plants and Animals

Levels of neuro-chemicals and hormones associated with social bonding are elevated during animal-human interactions. Researchers at the University of Rochester report that exposure to the natural environment leads people to nurture close relationships with fellow human beings, value community, and to be more generous with money.


Nature bonds families and friends

New ways are emerging to make that bond, such as family nature clubs, through which multiple families go hiking, gardening or engage in other outdoor activities together. In the UK, families are forming “green gyms” to bring people of all ages together to do green exercise.

How to Pack for Camping

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Trails for Hiking

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This is a great app and the free version has tons of features. You can filter by shade or incline or dog-friendly, to name a few options.



Source – ’10 Reasons Why We Need More Contact with Nature’