My nighttime routine is simple. Every routine, now, is simple, full of ease, minimal; not to be confused with easy. This is a mantra in my life and something that I strive for. Plus, I’m a sensitive person, which means the basics that are most simple are typically best for me. What do I mean by this?

Well, the most elemental and baseline methods are typically best. Taking care of the basic needs – healthy food, plenty of water, exercise, mediation, breath work, and journaling are the basics.

I take this ‘simplicity-only’ methodology into my daily routines – dog care, child care, work and my beauty routine. I use 4 items on my skin. The simplicity of this was not easy to come by. It was created after years and years of trial and error, varieties of products, various climates and loads of experimentation in diet, skincare and emotional balance.
The better I get to know myself and accept my needs, the simpler I desire things to be. The interesting part of this is that those basic and simple things become, the more I utilize these things – products, skills, mindsets, etc.

That’s where Medicine Mama’s Apothecary comes in. Their products use the most elemental of ingredients (which means that I can pronounce what’s on the label!) and work incredibly well! I could even eat the ingredients- talk about multi-use!

Medicine Mama’s is a woman-led company who values hand crafted, organic skincare products, something that really resonates with The Hive Holistic. Plus, I know these are the highest quality products available to use in many ways – on my skin, face, on the child, on the puppy, I can even eat it!

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