Last week on ‘Venus Friday’, I was interview by Lorenzo Sanford, Astrologer, Composer and musician. He interviews people on Fridays to discuss their astrology and how it manifests in life.

I’ve had a reading with Lorenzo about 1 year ago and he brought forward many important topics to think about. We dig into that reading, which happened over a year ago, and the results of his findings. Specifically, Lorenzo pointed out parenting, pregnancy and being conscious of this possibility based on my chart. He finds out about my new parenting role that began in 2020 and we talk about balancing business and healing, spirituality and more!


I’ve found that astrology is a great tool in life. The stars and planets were in a specific place when we arrived here and understanding this is important because it affects us whether we are conscious of it or not. I’ve love using astrology in my business because I can take advantage of specific transits to boost a campaign, or begin something new in the most appropriate timing.


In this interview, we discuss the reading that Lorenzo conducted, the aspects and messages that came from that reading and how it really has challenged my balance in daily life and business.

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