I began my YouTube channel, Luna Spiritual Wellness to share parts of myself I have kept concealed. This spiritual journey starts with the hope of attaining balance. Through it, I have lots that I’ve learned that I’d like to share. My guides have been encouraging me to connect with others by sharing my experiences.

On the journey, I connected with many amazing people. Along the way, I learned valuable tools, hacks, and skills to promote a balanced lifestyle. The pandemic put these things into practice; my knowledge has continued to expand tremendously: I’ve decided to share these findings since they have helped me tremendously, not only in my business but in all areas of life. What I know is that when you have a block in one aspect of your life, it will show up in other areas, too. That’s because the block begins within you. 

Getting to this place was not easy. I’ve had my share of challenges – at one point, I was very dim, my heart was like a dim light bulb barely turned on. Five years carried emotional and challenging events: marriage, moving across the state, becoming a parent overnight, divorce. Amid the storm, I ran my (growing) business. Watch the How 2020 Changed My Life Video for more on that.

This insight is composed of years of evolution in learning. In the scheme of life, I’ve found that once you can teach and share your wisdom, then you have attained mastery. However, sharing and mastering were not the goals. Despite being camera-shy, I could not hit Do Not Disturb on the call to be sharing parts of myself in this method for years. Sharing promotes healing; growth for you and me. 

Using this channel, I will reveal how I make each day of my life intentional, inspired, and balanced. Composed of various topics from mindfulness, health and wellness, sustainability, parenting, and food, this is what an (intentional) day looks like in my world. 

It’s easy to go through the motions: lose hope, faith and get discouraged in the messiness and chaos involved in the uncertainty of life; at the end of the day, it all begins with you.