You’re so sensitive.

Guess how many times I’ve heard this?

Repeatedly throughout my life, those closest to me have stated this message. 

In the past, this was detrimental.

‘Oh no! I’m sharing too much of myself,’ I would think to myself.

I would feel exposed. 

Time to pull back, time to share less. 

They know too much.

They see me. 

So, then, I would become tougher.

Ignoring, numbing and contorting myself to fit into that shape.

This shape was not a natural shape for me.

It requires that I ignore my abilities to sense beyond the visible world. 

I denied the way I experience the world;

Which is through the energy behind the skin, the structure, the person. 

To mold into this new shape requires lots of effort. 

The payoff was belonging, fitting in and being accepted – this seemed important then. 

On the inside, my soul would shake, cower and shrivel up.

My external behavior would reflect this, too. 

I would hide myself, in a variety of ways. 

Avoid compliments, praise and talking about myself.

Averting topics related to me, I would flip the conversation to be about the friend in front of me. 

And then, little by little, I decided to stop molding myself to fit into a harsh world.

It started with loads of self-love to the point of dropping behind those that expected me to mold. 

So much self love. 

And then I attracted those who loved themselves as well. 

We share a viewpoint of the world that is empathetic, loving, nurturing and caring. 

In essence, the divine feminine qualities that all of us have within and desire to enhance to live a richer existence.  

I’m on the road to mastery of self love. 

It’s a journey with no seeming end in sight, and that’s okay.

The rewards are wonderful feeling more alive, feeling fantastic in my own skin.

And becoming more sensitive, more attuned to nature, animals and the people my soul desires to keep close to me.

Being more sensitive is my greatest strength.