What began as a marketing agency in 2012 while I worked a full time job has blossomed into a full-blown hive!



In this year, I was working a full time job and creatively unsatisfied. I began taking clients outside of 9-5 working hours.  Former clients from previous roles reached out to me when I shared on LinkedIn that I was open to new work.  This showed that I had a budding business on my hands!

They hired me as a freelancer and that’s what lit the fire👩🏽‍💻🔥 


Lisa Taylor adds Powers as her new last name. A big shift in identity for her and the business.



A new website, a new city, and new looks. Our website sells when we sleep and it was time for me to work with my favorite designer (Diana Arzumanyants) to create the website of my dreams. She created a timeless look that is still visible today.


Big life shifts bleed into business. Lisa moves to LA to have a new beginning for her family. Business expands into SoCal and a new addition joins the family. Lisa becomes a parent, and manages the business. 


Lisa obtains a divorce, all the while running a business. This was a big turning point in taking control of her life in a new way. She made the decision to begin living in her soul’s purpose and took the steps to do so. This meant healing of self via psychotherapy, reiki, kundalini yoga and meditation,  sound baths, breath work, shamanic journeying and more. This internal transformation led to the external transformation the following year.



A big year for recalibration!

Here is an excerpt from the blog post outlining this shift:

“This year saw the transformation of the business name and focus. Over the previous 4 years, I managed many big shifts – marriage,  moving across the state, child-rearing, divorce, all the while running a business. What did that teach me? 

How to master the balance among the demands of your business, loved ones, and honor your own spirit. How to best serve clients, the community and people. It turns out, this was no easy feat.

Part of this journey to mastery was to discover tools to connect with my spirit – yoga, meditation, shamanic practice to maintain balance, to discover new talents and to step into my own power. These are the tools I’m so excited to share with other business owners who are learning to master their lives. 

A Holistic Perspective

This is why we have changed our name to The Hive Holistic. We take a big picture perspective on your life, not just your business. I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve been through all of this firsthand. Over years of self-discovery, I’ve learned how to confront these internal traumas, work to address them, and start to heal.


Read the full article on recalibration here


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We felt the 2020 vibes early on. Big things did indeed come!

It was a big year for us as a business and community. It was a pandemic and we were full steam ahead with leading meditation groups, supporting, coaching and more.  It was a pivotal year to share what I had learned the years previous. Plus, in my family life, I recommitted to parenting my niece, Sophie after her mom passed. It was such a challenging time for her as school was held at home and via computer- isolation from her classmates and her mother took a big toll. I held space for her and for my ex-husband and his family. It showed me how many families were in similar positions- grief from losing loved ones and also from the loss of our familiar lifestyle.

Sharing practices to stay balanced became a new focus, especially with the pandemic encompassing our lifestyles. We held 19 Day meditation challenges every month and a meditation for Equality, Justice & Humanity gathering friends from across the globe to collectively create positive energy. ​​https://thehiveholistic.com/med-equality-justice-humanity/ 



Business continues to grow and the holistic mindset becomes more prevalent in the culture. Lisa works on attaining her International Coaching Federation certification – verifying that holistic coaching is truly a bright path forward. 



Here we are, 10 years later!
Ready to partner, grow and transform with you! We work with high-level professionals ready to experience more from the inside out.