Welcome to The Hive Holistic.

We’ve undergone a bit of a re-branding, better yet, a recalibration.


You see, I have been exploring what it means to be a business owner at this stage; what it means to be the Queen Bee of The Hive Marketing.

How to master the balance among the demands of your business, loved ones, and honor your own spirit. How to best serve clients, the community and people. It turns out, this is no easy feat.

Balance and Mastery

Over the last 3 years, I’ve managed many big traumas – marriage,  moving across the state, child-rearing, divorce, all the while running a business. What has that taught me? My own journey to mastery has been to use tools to connect with my spirit – yoga, meditation, shamanic practice to maintain balance, to discover new talents and to step into my own power. These are the tools I’m so excited to share with other business owners who are leaning to master their lives.

What I’ve learned is that we are more than just our business. As entrepreneurs, we are the lifeblood of our business, families and communities. These elements are all intertwined and inevitably affect one another. When our health is optimal, we can receive, achieve and deliver.

Even though you put in the effort and have the experience, something isn’t quite working. You’re not seeing the returns you expected, or the customer growth you’d hoped for. And you can’t quite figure out why.

Here’s what we Queen Bees sometimes forget: you are at the center of your business, and also at the center of your own life. The same mind, body, and heart that make your marketing decisions? They also guide your personal journey. And they’re all connected within yourself.

That means your personal traumas and wounds can hold you back. Your past experiences can quickly kill your buzz. Your subconscious fears can prevent you from advancing at full speed.


Basically, your internal hive is a complex place! It can be difficult to navigate. But it’s also incredibly strong, and full of untapped energy.

A Holistic Perspective

This is why we have changed our name to The Hive Holistic. We take a big picture perspective on your life, not just your business. I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve been through all of this firsthand. Over years of self-discovery, I’ve learned how to confront these internal traumas, work to address them, and start to heal.

As a holistic personal business coach, I’ll show you how to identify and overcome your blocks, and move forward with a whole new perspective. And with my expertise in marketing, I’ll help you create strategic and tactical plans to achieve your goals — and measure your success.

Harvesting Your Power

It’s amazing what happens when you learn to get out of your own way. You’ll find greater independence. You’ll connect with more clients. You’ll feel a confidence that opens you up to take more risks, go on more adventures, and have more fun. You’ll learn to master your entire lifestyle.

As you move forward, remember: even Queen Bees need guidance and support. After all, you have an entire hive around you, humming with constant energy. But don’t let it all overwhelm you. Let it empower you.

The Hive is here to show you how to harvest that power. By better understanding yourself and your past, you can overcome your roadblocks. You can finally unleash your inner army of worker bees. Let us offer you many modalities to heal, share and grow.

Learn more about our new offerings.

Coaching – one on one coaching to remove blocks and reach your goals.


Wellness Infused Work  – bring meditation and wellness to your workplace.

Wellness-Infused Work

Meditation – the benefits of meditation are too many to list. It is by far the easiest way to change and master you life.


Yoga – translates to “yoke” together the physical world with the non physical or divine. It allows for greater awareness in our day to day.


Healing – we all have a spiritual immune system that expresses the vitality of our soul. This affects our work, our community and the rest of our lives.


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