This week, I took a mental health day for my well being.

What does that mean?

You know that feeling when your energy is low?

When you feel extra sensitive to the people around you?

When the occurrences that come up each day are a bit much to handle?

The emotions are at the surface, ready to come forward?

This may cause crying, sleepless nights, emotional eating, etc?

This was me last Thursday. 

I didn’t sleep much the night before. So much was coming forward for me to process. 

Old memories, childhood wounds, sadness that was buried deep, until now. 

Blame the moon cycles, the eclipses, whatever; it doesn’t really matter. 

There is no one to blame. 

The only thing to do is to accept what’s coming forward and be with it. 

So, I canceled my event, spent some time with myself and my puppy and healed. 

What does that look like?

Staying in my pajamas and more time in bed sleeping. 

Eating nourishing foods and drinking plenty of water. 

Pro tip: Water holds memory and drinking more water is an easy way to release more emotions, and anything you’re holding onto.

I decided to turn my phone off and not talk to anyone. I told my team what was happening and checked out.

I journaled, I drew and I spent time at the beach and with my favorite neighborhood trees.

What did all of this provide for me?

It gave me space from my obligations to process my emotions and release the built up tension that I was storing. 

Honoring my feelings allows me to process them fully and faster. Making room for my work, my relationships and everything else that I want to tend to. 

Taking the space now and in the moments that these difficulties come up makes me better equipped to handle what’s next. 

Would you take a mental health day?

Would you take a mental health day? 

Why or why not?