As a healer, you serve your community. 

You may be a doctor, surgeon, energetic healer, or other high-level professional. 

You are a pillar of light that shines through the darkness.

You are the one that many rely on. 

They reach out to talk about their needs.

They appreciate a friendly person who will listen, support and hold space.

Sometimes, the space becomes heavy with concern, issues and challenges. 

Sometimes, what comes up in the conversation may be difficult to release.

How do you let this go?

What do you do to clear, to stay powered up and to protect yourself?

How are you taking care of yourself?

You know that taking care of yourself is paramount to the success of your family, business and community.

It’s a huge responsibility with great rewards.

And you cannot do this alone. 

Maybe you’ve tried in the past to be the lone wolf. 

Where did that get you?


Burned out, without a team and back to square one – right where you started, some lessons learned, but back to implementing a new strategy. 

This group is designed to bring the support, community and sounding board for those in your shoes. Healers, leaders, and those that desire to use their power in favor of light. 

You want to lead by example and know that this is the way forward. 

The value is to reexamine your true power to accomplish any impossible task. 

Powerful you is a drop-in the inner circle of healers, coaches and others that serve many in their communities. Designed to give you access to other high-level leaders that are ready to bring in light.

You take care of many. Who takes care of you?

Join us in Powerful You. 

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